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His last order of business before the thanksgiving holiday. Donald trump pardoned. We still haven't seen the actual pardon so don't yet know exactly what he's being pardoned for. But here's an interesting factoid. Michael flynn can no longer plead the fifth in any future investigations into the offense which could implicate donald trump despite a raging coronavirus pandemic with overflowing emergency rooms and intensive care units crippling the nation. Donald trump played golf three days in a row over the thanksgiving weekend and he continues to wine and lie about the election. Results trump gave his first post loss interviewed to maria bartiromo on fox business sunday morning during which he raged for almost an hour among his more ridiculous claims should be something that the fbi is investigating. The michigan is investigating michigan action. Kid tell you where they are. I ask other looking at it. Everyone says yes. They're looking at it. Where are they with. All of the stuff and what happened to durham. Where's dura so you know you're asking me a question. It's inconceivable you would think if you're in the fbi or department of justice this is this is the biggest thing you could be looking at. Where are they. I've not seen anything. Just they just keep moving along and they go onto the next president. Despite trump's disinformation campaign on. Saturday a federal appeals court judge in philadelphia declared that quote. The campaigns claims have no merit calling an election. Unfair does not make it so charges require specific proof. We have neither hear. Those words were spoken by third circuit. Court judge be beavis. A trump appointee. Who wrote for a three judge panel all appointed by republican presidents and the pennsylvania supreme court unanimously tossed another trump law suit that sought to disqualify mail in votes and so it went all weekend long. Meanwhile president elect. Joe biden was busy assembling his team. He announced the first ever. All female. Communications team biden campaign. Communications director kate. Bending field will serve as his white house. Communications director jen psaki. A longtime democratic spokeswoman will be biden's press secretary four of the seven top communications roles will be filled by women of color peeling towbar who worked on biden's campaign and previously was deputy director of immigration reform advocacy group. America's voice will be the white house. Deputy communications director corinne jon. Pierre who served as chief of staff to vice president elect kamala harris during the campaign will be the principal. Deputy press secretary biden's campaign press secretary simone. Sanders will be a senior adviser and the chief spokesperson for vice president harris. Ashley a former house speaker. Nancy pelosi who went to work for biden's campaign will be harris's communications director and elizabeth alexander. Who worked in biden's senate office before serving as his press secretary while he was vice. President will be jill biden. Communications director and on monday morning biden officially rolled out his nominees for economic advisers including center for american progress. Ceo near a tandon is director of the office of management and budget whale. Wally adam all who was a top international economic advisor and the obama administration was named as a top deputy to treasury secretary who biden confirmed will be former federal reserve chair. Janet yellen princeton's labor economists. Cecilia rouse was named chair of the council of economic advisers. Jared bernstein and heather boucher were named as ca members in pandemic news top us health officials on sunday warned that the nation could see a surge. Yes a surge on top of the surge in corona virus cases following thanksgiving weekend due to the risk of infections during travel and family gatherings there advising that. If you traveled over the thanksgiving holiday you should get tested. Hospitalizations of covid nineteen patients in the us reached a record high of ninety. Three thousand two hundred and thirty eight on sunday and on the vaccine front the us food and drug administration says it will make a decision about authorizing visor and bio and texts coronavirus vaccine within a few weeks. A key meeting is set for december tenth and as expected moderna will ask the fda to green light. Its vaccine as well. Cdc advisors called an emergency meeting for tuesday. Vote on who they recommend should be the first to get the vaccine wants. Their authorized president elect joe biden injured. His right foot. He slipped and twisted his ankle while playing with his dog. Major on saturday biden was found to have a fracture in the middle of his right foot. So he'll be wearing a walking boot for several weeks. But it looks like he'll be rid of it. Just-in-time for the inauguration by the way the dog in question was one of the biden's two german shepherds major who a rescue dog the first for the white house making up for the last four years with no pets in the white house. The biden have said they plan to also get a cat and finally on monday. The supreme court will take trump's unprecedented and contentious effort to exclude undocumented immigrants from the census which is used to allocate. Us house of representative districts two states challengers to trump's july directive of argued that his move could leave several million people uncounted and caused california texas and new jersey to lose house seats which are based on estates population. Count in the census. And that's just a bit of what's news for now. Nicole sandler if you appreciate these reports and the nicole sandler show. I hope you'll consider making a contribution. My work is one hundred percent listener supported. And i can't do it without your help. Find out more. 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