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Tom good morning and thank you Let's start here where the government has been accused of being willfully negligent by refusing to implement its plan B for tackling rising coronavirus rates The British medical association says contingency measures need to be brought in now to avoid further pressure on the NHS's winter Yesterday the house secretary satur jabber said the government wants to avoid introducing tougher measures yet again for more on this our reporter James Wilcox joins me now in our London studio James good morning to you And thank you for joining me First of all James there seems to be this tussle going on between the NHS and the government But what was the health secretary's message last night we heard him giving a speech from Downing Street Good morning there So broadly he is saying there is still a pandemic We still need to be slightly concerned about this although we said there was a freedom day earlier on in the summer now cases have slowly started to rise And I think something that he would be quite keen to point out here is that this is a whole different scenario given so many people are vaccinated compared to last year and that's explained in quite wide it's taken so long for the government to say this rises coming Former than people have received their booster shots the government wanted to be a lot more and they want those people to get those jabs because what's interesting is now we've seen the limits of the vaccine There's roughly 5 months of unity in it before it starts to fade out The government's clear that reduced pressure on the air over the winter they need to be getting their third jabs Yeah so what you've said is really interesting Our honeymoon period with vaccines is now dwindling as immunity is slowly disappearing but satur jabot says there could be 100,000 new infections a day This is really concerning And is this why COVID suddenly back on top of the new agenda It is and also it isn't It's worth saying that if we were in this position last year the ruff sort of number that we were hearing then from the government was 40,000 cases would be enough to sort of put the nation into the lockdown And then by 2020 October 31 we are going to lock down We have been above 40,000 cases for the past 8 days now and no one has noticed anything I think the vaccines have made such a massive difference What the government is worried about is that in addition to the flu and more general mixing coming in and changing the sort of the pressures on the NHS plus the amount of backlog they're worried about all these factors coming in together and then because the UK's vaccine program was so successful in the outset they actually have more people and also the most vulnerable people compared to other nations set to have their immediate dwindle all that roughly the same time Yeah and I understand that but if we have a look across the Europe as a whole we're the only region according to the WHO last week we saw cases rising by 7% Nowhere else in the world has had that And also I just feel a little bit like last year I want to ask you a question obviously when lockdown in October and I feel like a lot of people are saying how can we save Christmas this seems to be a concern and I see such a Java de tell us how to do that yesterday how do we go about that To the rest of the first part of your question sort of why is the UK so different A lot of it comes back to something Boris Johnson said back on freedom day where he said if we don't open up now when do we If we have this very vaccinated population when is the point with the UK economy opens up And the UK has always been very keen to stress that side of things But yes as to what the government's going to do if we don't all play nice and they'll get back to it and start following much stricter measures on ourselves and he gets always stressed that kind of individual responsibility what could be coming back is COVID passports face masks working from home This is what the government refers was plan B where sort of things get a bit stricter I think one thing that's worth pointing out I know skepticism is this time last year early October the government said things are getting slightly worse by the end of October and lockdown Now things are so vaccinated it's unlikely to move as quickly because cases have been rising in a much slower more steady rate but we will this plan B may be pulled out if cases continue to go up But James it's still very concerning isn't it that we are seeing this rise in cases and people aren't going into lockdown and the NHS is really going to be under pressure this winter and thank you so much for bringing us all those details That was Bloomberg's James Walcott joining me in the London studio bringing us the latest on those rising coronavirus cases here in the UK and also the health secretary Sajid javid's warning that we could get up to 100,000 COVID cases in the future and that is daily more on that throughout the show today Over in the U.S. the food and drug association has cleared the way for millions of Americans to receive COVID-19 boost of vaccines the.

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