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That does I mean it sounds delicious. I'm sure it's like Charlie like would love it. But I gave it to her actually just cuz I mean, don't want it felt bad that like waste it but I gave it to her and I was like enjoy this because it is the only one you'll ever see. Any what is enjoyable about that like how how often completely ignored like cold chicken nuggets fried food is not good cold. I don't know I try to I am not like I am not the same, you know, end-all-be-all of parents by any stretch by at least try to like balance out like my kid needs some vegetables and some fruit. Yeah, they need some protein in their name something, you know, like here's some grains like I try to like balance it all something they want barley child. Yeah the game. Amino acid the kids need and the vitamins they need and where they all come from. Like I try to force the yeah. I know you don't want to eat that vegetable, but you need more vegetables eat the vegetable. Like I try that and this is just an extreme of give me that I can't you know, what you've done those you've implanted the The Forbidden Fruit & Charlie's brain. She's had it once you'll never happen again. So the day Charlie turns 16 can drive herself places. She goes right to Walmart kids that Lunchable says, I got you Mom eats chicken nugget and goes. Why did I wanted? I wanted to know. Now and she's off at college and she gets a little homesick. She's going to go the store and get herself some chicken nuggets innards and think of you often our lives in my parents chicken nuggets and nerds. You know, that's fair. That's us that's just an hour food. We probably be chicken nugget AC or a bunch of nerds say who's the chicken nugget? Who's the nerd birth? Think I know yeah. So that's enough about Lunchables talking about lunch. We not actually actually we spent a whole episode once talking about lunch. Lunchables to I've talked about them too much Taylor. What are we talking about day? We are talking about the the Rilo Kiley band their album the execution of things..

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