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If you go in a personalization colors, just fine the exact wording here. Whereas it it's choose your color. It says and confusingly in one thousand nine hundred one that's not what it says in previous versions. I think it's called app mode. I think is what it says, actually, which you must you probably have it there. Megan. What does that say they're under? At mode. It's. Yeah. Abbott? So they're they're getting rid of that in because that's doesn't mean anything to anybody in one thousand nine hundred one into says, choose your color, and then you actually have three choices is light dark and custom. And you would think the custom would let you you know, customize the color or something early maybe the darkness of it. And that's not that is. And it's not something that adjusts to like the time like apples like no mode night that is in windows separately, of course, because my why would it be in one place? So anything else is that all the exciting stuff? That's coming. A will. We should talk about reserve storage. Which is as we've talked about on windows weekly Paul calls at the least controversial controversial feature. When. I think he did call it back because people were outraged. So many people were like what Microsoft's going to hold back seven gigs on my machine for for reserves gorge. I don't care that they're doing it to make updates better. I don't care if it's going to help people on storage constrain machines. But we think that is going to show up in one thousand nine hundred. I wouldn't. I'm not sure if it's the least controversial. But I think what I meant by. That was what when you see a headline like Microsoft is gonna reserve another seven gigabytes of dispaced, so you can have a better experience installing the next update you can generate the headlines immediately. You know, kind of fake outrage it's going to occur because of that. So yeah, I guess if you're still using a thirty two gigabyte, you know, tablet, from eight years ago or something you might have some problems with that, obviously. But I I don't think for most people. This is a big big deal. This will trigger the same. You know, knee jerk articles, you always see around this kind of thing. Like, why one thousand twenty four megabytes is not really a gigabyte in how computer companies changed the the the way they measured this space, and how it doesn't make any sense. And how you buy a computer or phone or whatever it is. It has some amount of data or dispaced rather than what you really getting is the smaller amount, and blah, blah by goes on. But I whatever, you know, I. I think for most people honestly, given the steam that we're forced to live with which is at Microsoft is going to update the stupid thing. Whether you wanted to or not I'd rather have a go. Well, you know, frankly, and I think in this age of cloud storage and whatnot. I think more and more people are starting not to hoard everything on one computer where they need all the storage. They are sinking to the cloud and accessing the bits they need on individual computers. And so maybe spaces less. Important, you know, for some of us at least. So is there currently no storage that aside in windows for updates? That's a good question. Am I actually don't it? Does it? No. I would guess that it reserves the storage as you go to download the update and that if you don't have enough warning with that point, and then you can run the wizard type thing you can run the free up to space. But it seems like they're proactively doing this Microsoft's goal. Of course is to download this thing in the background. Not tell you anything about it. Get the installed going to do everything it can do without rebooting. And then kind of alert you at that point and say, hey, by the way, a quick reboot later, you're gonna have a new version of windows, or whatever the update is. And that sounds like a good experience. Theory. This will say, oh, we forgot one other big feature. Their updates to note pad. Hits that I don't know. But you know, they're mostly things that would appeal to coders like there's changes to the way no pet handles encoding. There's some new shortcuts available for opening new notepad windows..

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