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That would. That's the first thing we see air. Kerstin play against ons. We got totally little bit. Yeah like any. Yeah yeah so. That is very interesting. I agree. I wanna see what techniques like and. I'm not sure because. Obviously i'm thin but i think probably came away more impressed with our depth that safety I think jalen hawkins enriching grant into action. They solve during preseason. Look great I it's promising going forward. Considering how young both players are absolutely and looking at how the falcons defense matches up. It's really kind of a wild card. How the eagles will be. We don't know how good devante smith will be. that will be. Obviously one of the main know sort of turning points in this game can't afford to smith be the weapon that the eagles have lacked at wide receiver for the past several years. Jalen ray did not pan out the way they. He was not took them over. Justin jefferson. yeah yeah and you know. My dynasty team is certainly hoping that jalen regular eventually turned into something that is. They're hoping obviously for a lot from devante smith. I'm sure they're hoping for something from jalen ray gore but the big weapon on that offense is the tight ends. They're kind of similar to the falcons. In that way. Right they have zakar. It's they have dallas. Got her a very potent too tight end attack so odd donald to you with this one. How do you think the falcons are going to match up in terms of coverage against this eagles passing game. I definitely think that dean pees will will try to speed up the clock against Against jalen hurts because you know jalen hurts someone who we've seen last year. He had his moments Definitely after taking over for carson wentz but he also had some moments where he clearly looked like a rookie and looked like For whom the moment was you know slightly too big. So i definitely think i liked that. We're going up against hurts right away. Early on in the season I don't think you know he's really proven quite yet and This is just something where i feel like the pressure. The dean pees brings to try and speed things up for that could force mental into a few mistakes because her. This are hurts. This is still someone who probably still in his mind. How last season he was pulled through was benched. His completion percentage wasn't really that high. His your passing numbers his rushing numbers were great but his his passing numbers weren't really all there. So you know. I definitely think that that's something where you can kind of take advantage of it mentally in going up against Against someone so young and still so little bit raw in his nfl career. Definitely not something. You'll be able to do very much of next week against tom. Brady was the exact of all of that. But yeah i definitely i definitely think that dean pees will he's gonna he's gonna be blitz happy all season but i think he may bring the heat a little more in this game than what we'll see in future games against against non young quarterbacks. Yeah yeah and dave is going gonna go to you with this one You know jalen hurts. Is known more for his rushing ability. One of the best rushing quarterbacks in the nfl last year even in only a few game sample size how you think or how would you sort of try to limit his ability to run the ball because that was really where he had the most success. When you kind of get out of the pocket and use his legs would you take a blitz heavy approach which you use more spies and try to force him to throw the ball. I would just have grady jarrett's saddam. Yeah i like. Oh you can just sit on No i i would probably i would. I would think about having a spy. I think the thing with hurts is in my mind like i. I actually like jalen hurts. I think he can be a good. Nfl quarterback but i do think his instinct especially against the blitz. Happy defense is going to be to take off. And i think if you're gonna send the house every time out to try to force him into making a bad throw that's gonna work out for you occasionally might even work out For you enough to win the game. But he's also going to just take off a lot because he's confident in his legs and he should be vis a very good scrambling quarterback. I can't tweet about him in a funny way. Like can with matt ryan. Because it's actually yeah. Yeah so to me. Yeah you wanna have somebody who's got eyes on him pretty much all times because the very last thing you want to do is be so aggressive that you're giving hurts a chance to rip off fifteen. Twenty thirty yard runs in. Keep this thing moving. I don't think the eagles offense it as much as i like. Some of their playmakers is good enough to win this game on their own. Unless you just can't account for for herds taking off and running. So i would be a little bit cautious about that And i would save the you know the non stop. Endless blitzing for tom brady. Who is forty four years old and still hasn't had a cup of coffee recently. So yeah that's that's how i would play it. We'll we'll see how it goes. Maybe they'll just get after him. He'll get rattled and he won't take off but i very much doubt that. Yeah i mean he's gonna take off he's gonna take off a lot so if they're gonna blitz him and i don't think he was a bad idea necessarily but if they're gonna blitz him they need to have somebody like they're in casey survives the blitz because otherwise asking and i feel like i'm not saying just go zero blitz on every time i like the idea of bringing a fifth man and also leaving. Maybe leaving a dion jones as a spy just because john jones has the speed to keep up so even if even if jalen hurts kind of like you know runs away from it. You still have beyond jones right. They're closing at the angle. Yeah i like that. I mean. I think dion jones could be a really good sort of running quarterback a racer because he is faster than just about every quarterback. If not all quarterbacks even guys like justin fields and trae lance jones reportedly ran into the hi four threes at his pro day so i liked that strategy. That could be good. Eric how would you sort of try to to neutralize jalen hurts would you like to blitz as well or are you playing sitting back zone and trying to kind of contain and let him make mistakes as a passer. Did we loser now. You're going to give him a mixed back you know. I'm going to wake him. Be a traditional quarterback passer which he's probably not at that particular point in his development yet But i'm also gonna Throw some bodies. Our man The one thing that i do feel comfortable about with this defense go to because hers is the athleticism at linebacker. In case he does know the ball down at intakes off Having dion jones haven't awoken haven't even michael walker That's a nice trio of athletic linebackers. That i believe you know the if they need to chase him down they'll be able to get apple The one thing about jalen.

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