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With Elon Musk from November of two thousand eighteen. Kate is Halloween night and I have gotten my treat, which is asking for a while I'm here with Elon Musk at the headquarters of Tesla. Has that right? The right pronounces it Tesla Tesla. Whatever? Caution was great. Thank you address this lesbian from. San Francisco. That's what I look like I'm here delicious coffee. We're going to have a long discussion about all kinds of things. been very nice to do this in the evening here and we've been chatting about all kinds of things, but we're GONNA. Get into it really quickly and talk about Tesla and SPACEX. We're GONNA. Talk about this year. We're going to talk about the boring company and anything else. allowed to talk about because people like to hear you talk, so let's start from the beginning about this year, okay? You've getting some very interesting interviews. You've gotten on twitter. Made some mistakes. What's okay? Let's talk about star with twitter. What would I have an obsession with twitter to in an addiction? How do you look at that with you? What is going on? What's going on? I mean aside from from what happens with you in twitter. Well, I. I tweet interesting things pretty much as they come to me and. You know probably not much of a filter I find it entertaining. Like all other people might find the center -taining. Sometimes, they do right and sometimes. Yeah, it's pretty random. Just at night. What are you at home? You're doing this, yeah? Mostly. Mostly at home, it's mostly I. Think I spent a lot less time on twitter than probably think maybe. Fifteen, ten fifteen minutes or something? Yeah, well, people pay attention when you do that. Yeah It's pretty interesting. What my like most people I'm most interested in I mean elected like some little tweet about of. That was it but it was like low case I black heart enemy. like everyone loved that one of those my most popular tweets all right. What about the things they didn't love. Are you under strict orders not to do that? Is that correct we will be? Will you have to change your twitter behavior? Not really not really under the recent settlement. You aren't you don't have to be careful about what you tweet if it's anime. That's one thing. But, it's just business you can't. Now I think it's mostly just if there's something that might cause a substantial movement in the stock during trading hours. That's about it. That's about it, so you can't do that without somebody getting mad. Yeah, okay well. That's a lot of people. WHO WOULD YOU CONSIDER IT? I'M GONNA get off in a second, but do you consider it a communications medium? How do you look at it? I mean a lot of us it that way I use it that way. Awfully. Donald trump uses it that way. How do you look at I? Look at it as a way to learn things. Stay sort of like kind of stay in touch with. What's happening? It's like it feels like dipping into the flow of consciousness of society That's what it feels like and then. It's like we can wear like a guest sized sometimes. Use Twitter to express. Myself and and that's a weird thing to do I suppose not too much. I mean it is and I. Think some of The Times is very funny other times. It's not so funny, is there? Okay all right all right, but when you do it in I'm not going to get the SEC because I I understand. You can't talk about that very much nothing to do with that although you did tweak them in one of your tweets, but at some point that will stop. You you made some remark lenders so many tweets that you do that so obnoxious it's it's hard to know there's an obnoxious tweeted. It was yes, it was oh. Don't do that. I forgot what you. WanNa. Look at your tackling on Halloween. But the ones that I think I do want to ask about is the press you pick up. You pick fights with the press over twitter, and then you have all your fans of which there are many. Are you aware of what they do once you start them off. Well, I think I mean say my my regard for the press has has dropped quite dramatically. Explain that place. there. The the amount of untruthful stuff that has written is unbelievable. Wall Street Journal Front page article about like the FBI is closing in. That is utterly false. That's absurd to print less. Such a falsehood on the front page of a major newspaper is outrageous. Why are they even journalists? Why do you understand you hit tension the mural people. But you understand the mood in this country around the press, and the dangers of attacking especially when the president is doing that in quite an aggressive enemy of the state and everything else it. It's disturbing when someone like us, a leader does that to our goes along with it, sure the press to be honest and truthful, okay and research their articles. And correct things properly when there are false all right which they don't do okay, but I'm asking if you understand where of course I do, and what do you think of that? Are you worried about unleashing dangerous cycle? That is a lot of the presser worried about I suggest. To heart and do better. What about with Donald? Trump does about enemy of the people. You look at it that way. No. How do you just you don't like falsehoods?.

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