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They're not and and people make fun of this roster because what they were ex like veteran player but they're experienced players aim brandon cook for any. I'm sorry Mark ingram village. Lindy like these guys that people took in the first and second round of fantasy football. Now these guys are being written off and respected. And i think there are a lot better than people think about. The panthers are also a lot better. I don't think it's warranted to be eight road favorites though on a short week and i think it's i think the market is just over. I liked the panthers a lot for my first two weeks for the circa million. We have the panthers both weeks and they've done well but i think eight point is a lot in the nfl and it screamed back door cover to me. It just seemed like you're sitting there up. Fourteen and a late touchdown meaningless score. And then you lose your wager because you laid eight points. So i'm with you. I haven't had the guts to take it yet. But i'm i'm going to get as many points as possible. Eight and a half nine. Give me whatever i can get. I'm gonna wind up ground onto onto the texans so the chiefs are off of a loss and this is one of those games where it's like man. Divisional game chargers offense. I think justin herbert's gonna have a big game in fantasy for for player props. I think justin herbert's gonna be throwing the ball all over the place much like lamar jackson did on on monday night. Wh- what do you make or sunday night. What do you make of the chiefs. And the chargers can. The chargers upset kansas city. So lutely i think the last game they play In week sixteen of twenty twenty or twenty was whatever last season the last game that they played the church on straight up. Didn't they and herbert threw for three touchdown. So i did a whole segment on the men on this that but she cannot cover this right and this is this is big six and a half points so i'm not falling for kansas city again. No way i am all on. La la chargers plus six and a half and you know the cheese are only against the spread versus justin herbert so and both times. The chargers were six and a half or more of road underdogs. I should say so..

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