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So one thing that you were telling me before the draft. I hate the bengals. Don't do a really good job at picking office line. a to me is almost like th. That's like a billy price situation is like this guy can't beat out other people on there and they're like oh well we got. We got these other guys that could maybe do it like no. He was drafted to start in earnest thing but are chaser. The difference is he's out there and he's taken a lotta reps with the with the ones he doesn't say all the rest with the one because there is this rookie initiation thing or whatever audience tate. Uh slides in and take sam reps with him. And i say that to say this it. We're going to say that this guy should be out there. Jackson karma a in in the pick them that high. He needs to get mentally prepared for that. And that's not a michael jordan situation where you're taking some. Im force in them out there. The talent level at that part of the draft says that he should be out there and he should have no problem alexander bill so maybe i jumped the gun. I think i wrote a tweet to. And i was just like man like the optics aren't on his. Aren't that good. But i might. I kind of miss read it too. And that's my mistake. Where i'm just like i'm looking at steiner lineup. That they have out there but at the same time. I'm just like i just don't wanna read some stupid story about you. Know like growing pains and transition into a position because the talent level at that spot was so high that you didn't have to do that like if you look around the league and you look at the redskins That they drafted the one of the guys that we were saying. Is that Y oh sam and stuff like that guys around the league. They got drafted in that. Same spot are going to be starting like. They had the same pool of people in front of them to save. Backup field level guys and they're gonna be starting so it is like a jump the gun type of moment for me. I think yes. I'm with you. i'm with you on that. I know you're not trying to make excuses for him. I know that carmen did have some kind of back surgery or something like that. I don't know if that's playing into it as well. We'll have to see but like you said like. Obviously i think this weekend camps tomorrow is open to the public right. So we'll get the fans actually be able to see what's going on But with that. Let's also talk about the depth as guard. It seems that austin rider. It seems that he left. Cincinnati without a do and my opinion. I think that that was a little bit of state but it could be that he was asking for too much money. So how do you feel about the current death right now at the center in the gar- position. I don't think it's good enough actually for me One of the things that was told from somebody in the building is that they want to take a look at his knee. So that was one of the one of the main things the second thing that i was told us that i think when he came there he was coming here. You know in. Of course he if he wasted out he might can get a starting center job. But when trey hopkins it starts off and he's fully cleared. You know like you know. That's probably not as desirable for so. I don't think that's on the bengals for not wanting him or whatever i just think like maybe didn't line up and maybe could lineup. Maybe trae hopkins doesn't show him everything it that they need to show them like in the next couple of weeks because as again we're saying he just sorta acl week seventeen so you know. There's a lot of possibilities. That could still happen another guy. That's still out there. is eastern. And he's kinda fits the same old to gar center interchangeable piece. He still out there. And he's the beheading as well and i feel like maybe a little smidge under a austin writer. But that's a guy. That's still out there that i'm like why don't they. At least bring for or tryouts at the very least or they did. Oh yeah they did. Didn't they do that once. I got gotta look that up. They did have they. They were linked to him. At least that yeah they did it upside signing another guy. Gunnar also may also ended up Claiming another guy galilee from from the cardinals. Yep as a he had three starts under his bill to. He's he's putting his third season gallen so they're getting. They're getting some depth there. obviously i talk to kansas city. That writer. I think rider was expecting that he was going to get paid a lot of money. Just because of the market in the market kinda has told him that you know that hasn't been the case so it could be the case that you know. I know zan we were talking a us shared like that you know. Potentially the money that he was looking for probably wasn't there From the bengals in terms of what they wanted to offer what other things wanted to offer so that could be one of the reasons that he still out there on the market. But like you said if say hopkins was going to start. A writer has only play center. That could've been a backup situation for him. So you definitely which is talking about the depth. I think it's is somewhat over concerned but we'll have to see how this plays out obviously with hakeem the density potentially coming back at the end of the season. We'll have to see how that works after talking with doc on his kind of status from injury standpoint so what does have to see is something that i felt a little bit better about but i just think that we would have been able to put it to rest with like austin rider or maybe one of those guys that are out there so we'll just have to see the other death concern that we have is edge. Rusher you kind of touched on it a little bit. So talk to me about your thoughts about the depth at defensive tackle because we did have a defensive tackle kind of colas Meat is weak starter. That we had there were larry. Yoga jobe may. Obviously that was a big issue for his last season with dj reader. Out guys going down and obviously edge was issue as well. How do you feel about the depth of that position. Saying i'm in the same boat. It's where you know. Part of my day is about what i do for living is ruling out variables and i looked at a lot of different things that happened to us this past season and a lot of it. They got to a point where the debt was so bad that it just made it so that it was a complete wash. Okay let's finish the job and let's you know let's just get healthy right but say you don't have that say you have one or two guys now. You don't wanna put yourself in a situation where you're just searching for that one guy. What do we know from this all season about the as position. I know that most of the teams in the division most of them got a little bit better than some of them still on the same level. I know one thing about us is. That's the one position group that are hammered down all of last season and said that this is a very weak group. They didn't do anything to better themselves to me. Like there's now. I don't think by show of hands in the audience who thinks that Trey hendrickson is offering more than we'll car lawson is. Most people went trey. Hendrickson got signed. Most people say well he got a bunch of cleanup sax on the strength of the line. In the in the guys that they had their the saints which is trying to emulate for him for the bengals is they give them to other competent. Really good rushers. Which you're looking at right now on. Paper is joseph. Aside has to give you four to five sags like year one. If that's the plan for your third-down package if not. Let's not kid ourselves. I love sam hubbard adele. People will take this as a shout at me. But sam hubbard is not giving ten twelve sacks per year so when you go against the best of the best you go against the mouse I'm sorry when you go against the best tackles in. Football's like like the browns had the offense ally in football. You need aliki athletes. You need the through multiple bodies at them. You don't need some guy that you're just relying on sand. Well he can stop the edge and he's really good against the run cool step one. How do you become a lot better than gimme another athletic guy that can give me at the very least fifteen twenty snaps the game. That's something that has to be had and if you're kidding yourself you're you're saying josephus size the answer that he hasn't even played it down it. We look at any other team from the outside looking in you. See a rookie..

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