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Time at work here his receptions the last six years before this one one ten one twenty nine one thirty six one of six one one one four and last year like said fifteen says as he has seventy five crew touchdowns eight hundred forty one catches over eleven thousand yards it's really I think you know he doesn't have that you didn't do as long as Teo but I I I think one day he will be a hall of Famer but I think like geo you know him being a better teammate here and there is going to cost him he's not gonna be a first ballot hall of Famers no doubt but I think he will get it in time but I think you may have to wait awhile to get it based on his behavior this year specifically yeah hi to Mike Freeman sand possibly six games possibly the entire year there were some rumblings maybe Seattle after the Josh Gordon thing that came up yesterday were he was suspended again maybe they would look at him but it looks like maybe that internet brown wouldn't be available some floors eleven thirty to talk about the final game and memories in Oakland traffic sponsored by HIPAA home insurance winter's coming make sure your home insurance covers potential disasters this season visit him home insurance today it only takes sixty seconds to get a quote and you could save up to twenty five percent it's called now it might hit but dot com that's my hip Otakon from the children auto body trapping desk a couple in North Bay delay starting in Petaluma southbound one one before east Washington we've got maintenance work in the right lane that's why it is jammed out of Qatar the from leak will highway one sixteen and then in that now but southbound twenty nine north of I. mola there's an injury reckon the right hand lane with traffic they are backed up nearly two Lincoln sales a southbound eighty slowing from one oh one down towards Bascomb for there's a crash on the shoulder looks like southbound seventeen slows as well near Hamilton San Francisco traffic northbound wanna once active between two eighty in Vermont street and there were still backed up to mid lot metering lights are on and then you're looking at sluggish traffic all the way across into San Francisco on the westbound A. bridge Papa John line Papa in mind on KNBR one oh four five and six eighty V. sports leader looking around your business I.

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