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The little one with a vengeance and work your way right on down if you've got the two car payments you take the one that has the lesser balaji throw everything at the kitchen sink at it everything you can squeeze out of your budget everything you can squeeze out of your life any extra money you can make and you go out at that way alejandro is with us in omaha hey alejandro how are you how are you better than i deserve what's up and for taking my call hey here's our situation my wife and i were in baby step two we about eighteen thousand dollars in student loans we also own rental property but it's paid for we're trying to sell it it is worth around hundred forty five thousand and we'll probably make a profit of low thirty thousand that would be i would think the base for capital gains that we want to buy a primer residence after we sold his property now the question is is there a way to avoid paying the capital gains tax if we were to roll over the money to near property even we want you some of the money to finish out paying off our student loan debt and also fund our full emergency fund how long have you on the rental property about five years okay and what you pay for it honnor and thirteen okay all right have you been depreciating it on your taxes now why.

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