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Be spewed all over that street those streets right yes oh greg's in philly hopefully still alive and will try to get in touch with him talk about the game he covered and also his beloved patriots and awesome at you know here from a colleague to noah bannon in how exciting in this must be for her right now but the let's start she might have a few inner just throwing that out there maybe maybe anyway i always like to hoist that that idea on her that she's constantly somewhat hammered it's not true necessarily it's probably true right they're not like way off though it's you know it's accurate more than an and then my foot politics let's start in new england on the throat of these upon upon takes the step to play pigs to what he looked other players of all those two tuesday's new is taking the outlook cooperating silvio to strive lega pulled together like bob slowed scott zolak is it now he just openly professing his love for another man wbz with the call but not just any man of course because play with twelve stitches in his throwing hand according to espn's adam schefter and without rob gray caskey after the first half tom brady rallied the patriots back for made double digit deficit in a twenty four twenty comeback win over the jaguars in the afc championship game jacksonville had eight wanting to ten lead with twelve minutes to play in the fourth quarter but their offense went quiet and brady connected on two touchdown passes to danny playoff m into an adult only robbed mcaskie by the way who gave him the nickname could give an nickname so unoriginal but but is accurate is there any evidence in the playoffs is insane anyway so that last hook up in a defensive stance since the patriots to their eighth super bowl in the brady bill jack era wes the jagr's were up for the challenge but tom brady did it again.

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