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You're right he they. They're going to have weapons disposal there. Ross going back to Clemson Clemson but this whole notion that that Lsu next year is going to be as good or keep this role. It's GONNA be tough. I mean they're going to lose. They're losing a lot of good players on on really on both sides the ball and it's GonNa be interesting to see how Lsu is actually how that offense is brady moving on so but we'll get. That's the story for another day in terms of this draft todd in terms of the running backs and you mentioned some of those names and we'll get another position in a minute but you think about the fumbling issue and the lack of great hands. and You I think I'd go to Jonathan Taylor fast. He's a great pure running back. The fumbles the lack of great natural pass catching ability and we we can go to dobbins a little bit there. He's not you got a couple of drops in that final in the playoff game. You also had some fumbling issues. And he's a fierce runner. How do we reconcile in today's NFL? Dobbins Robinson Taylor I think it starts with the Andrea Swift. I think he's he's the right of the group right written. I think man. What dolphins did this year was fun to watch? Jonathan Taylor is one of the highest character later. Tough guys you'll ever be around and he's he's going to make the locker room better he's going to make the organization his Asian better. He's going to set a standard. That probably doesn't exist wherever he he was drafted. It might take a year. Might take two years. But he's going the be the standard bearer of the of that organization. So you want that quarterback you don't care as much running back and pass asked Russia or but Jonathan Taylor has got something special about him. I would go swift Dobbins Taylor and then Clyde Edwards Allaire is. He's mini Em. Well you know. That's that's a good. He's low center of gravity totally agree and there's something about him backwards. Yep Yeah and he just. He runs so hard he he figures out a way to make his own yards. Whether it's by making guys is miss or or driving his legs so I I love all four of those back after that. There's a bunch of a lot of really good backs. Travesty Tiana's I mentioned Jay Harris Keyshawn von. Aj Dylan from Boston College. ZAC MOSS FROM UTAH McFarland. You mentioned a little Michel appear from from Florida. I mean there's a lot of good morning nausea going back. Todd did he make it official traveling back. I think I had heard. Tasha Harris may be going by is Christian. Get off on that. We can check that she harris. I will check that out for you guys. We a ton of mail came flooding in. We got about six seven eight minutes here left So let's let's get to some of it. WE CAN T it up. 'CAUSE TODD YOU'LL BE IN MOBILE MEL you'll be watching. I WANNA get a few of the senior questions in there. I thought Nagy was going to get you to mobile this year. Eight an hour coming out this week. This Juniors Haji the list of juniors this underclass I just heard I just heard your excuse. I'M GONNA I'M GONNA be. I got all these guy I gotta go back. There's a couple of guys and where we get three guys and I'm thinking about for the first round that there is a linebacker coming out of Oklahoma about any Kenneth Murray number nine new is a heck of a player. I I'm thinking about making them a very high first round pick thirty. Yeah I'M GONNA be higher than that I think he's GonNa go mid first round so I'm Gonna I'm a Kenneth Murray Guy I think he's GonNa test off the charts. He does eight over real well but he is so fast in his. He's the only dude on that defense. Chisel replace Yeah I mean he's all out and I think Xavier mckinney from Alabama I'm trying to find a spot but no let's move on. That's just for me. That's what I'm doing but in terms of The underclassmen list. Yeah let's let's jump to that we have We have some questions. Aj Indovina tweets in at Hashtag first draft. who a few guys that? You're most interested in scene gene and mobile. Todd I'll let you thi this one a good question. I WanNa see I I guess. Some of the receivers that aren't underclassmen golden liberty. Yeah yeah I'd yeah I mean yeah I'm interested. I WANNA see Justin Herbert Compete is he. He's saying that he's going to come and compete and play for quarterback. I would love to see him. Come out and just ball out all week. He's got tools but something's been missing. We've talked talked about it a lot. We we have a few months to get into it but I want to see him. Go be the Alpha dog dare in mobile and put on a show because if you're one of the elite players in the draft you're GonNa go to that game and you're going to stand out as one of the top six or seven players at the senior bowl and that's how it always which goes doesn't matter what position and Herbert needs that. In my opinion I got a great question for you because I just love how our listeners ours are so draft nerdy so early on and this is this is right in your wheelhouse Mike. Shinoda ask. WHO's the best blitzing Middle Linebacker in this draft? Well I think the guy that you can move around I think in terms of blitzing middle linebacker first of all. There's not this is not a really good year overall. I think when you look at guys would I like like Logan Wilson at Wyoming Troy Diet Oregon in the Kennedys. Not The true Mike Mandate so these guys are are fluid and they move around Jordan Brooks Texas Tech Kamal Martin at Minnesota I think has some versatility there Wilson Briscoe and back Caja Brit Auburn going. Back Dylan Moses Alabama going back already mentioned Kenneth Murray but I'd say Troy Die Oregon Maliki Harrison Ohio state state would be another guy. Kamal Martin Minnesota Barnes. He's inside outside. He's we're getting more outside but he's a guy can get after the quarterback there I think from an edge standpoint. Todd this guy is going to be at the senior bowl. Lewis from Alabama is explosive and came back really injury throw the he's Kinda guy that could soar up with Yoga. Guys that could really benefit from those pass rush drills and getting after the quarterback Lewis from Alabama. Has that explosives coming from the outside. Here's one and it's an in Lewis's Lewis more athletic and has more upside anfernee Jennings played his. You know what off this year and showed up in big games and he's not nearly as athletic as as throat Lewis's and I think we're going to go earlier but there's something about Jennings which every time you put on on. The table is tight. He's not athletic. He just doesn't have the traits but then he winds up two and a half sacks at the end of the game and four four tackles for awesome. Whatever it is? I just wanted to get you guys in the practice of answering this because it's coming six thousand times already. Who are the browns? Who's going to be there? AIRFREIGHT TACKLE FOR THE CLEVELAND BROWNS AT number ten. I don't know if they're gonNA take tackle who knows that. They have Trent Williams a tackle by the time the draft starts. My point is is that people are just obsessed with the fact that Greg Robinson was there a lot and it didn't go. Well Mel who these guys in play at ten well author right tackles and Andrew. Thomas is either at ten todd. I don't think he will be. I could see Jacksonville. Andrew Thomas were there you could probably think it would be a good that spot if you're gonNA mock drills is the only other will he's a right tackle Worse from Iowa played a little left tackle when Jackson was hurt held his own there. But he's a right tackle. So I'd say worse or wills if you're looking for that right tackle at that point if Andrew Thomas left tackle from Georgia were there. Then I think if he gets past S. Jacksonville because past Arizona if he gets past those teams gets passed the giants at four. Then at ten Cleveland I think would have to look at him. If they didn't add somebody in free agency all right. I'll try to find one more. Make a trade or whatever so yeah I think that would be some of the guys that are going to go early in terms of tackling. Todd is there anybody else Josh. Josh Jones from Huston will be down at the singer Bowl. He will be interesting to watch their Matt. Peer from Connecticut. Another kid will be interesting to keep an eye on. There is a Wilson came up from Georgia. He's he's second round. I was surprised that he charles from issue came out. I thought he needed another year. Trey Adams from Washington. I mean there there are guys in that second third round range but to under the radar the ball to a Ben Barka did a thing on dot com back during the years Under the radar guy from Saint. John's Minnesota Ben Bartsch and also another guy. I did a thing dot dot com during the year. Alex Taylor Todd. South Carolina State will be Mobile Andrew. Thomas from Georgia and jeter acquittals from Alabama the only two that it could comfortably stamp in the first round after that. I think you know second third or fourth round rich by the way the interesting thing about these tackles is how much much movement we've seen in recent years when these guys go and work out and you know I I'll give you an example. I think of a case like Lane Johnson and and Lane Johnson just goes crazy at the combine runs four seven. And you know what it's it's just interesting. How the evaluation process for these guys has changed so much a lot of the because of you the college concepts and offenses in the NFL? But they're just asking different things from these tackles. We've talked about it over the last few years but man that that position has gotten any easier to evaluate. I just drop the MIC. There they agree completes are going to transition to another question now. Marina arena three two guys. That's there's so many questions we're not gonNA be able to get them all. We have gone though about fifty minutes here ballpark Daniel and so I think we'll We'll cut everybody a break. We've gone on their commute and back. But I'm Chris. Brown start talking. philosophically about offensive tackles. You know it's time to call it a day right. That's it for first draft this week. Next week's the big one we've gotTa Outta Kuyper mock draft to evaluate hammer on and for Mel to defend should be a good time. Todd you'll be in mobile but we'll make it work doc. Finally finally you're getting involved in the game. I've tried to watch I. Two days of practice. Rashly come out with this because somebody's vice on pop in mobile it's going to be at fifteen to twenty five range based on what happens down there in those practices now. I walk pushed about April. One I'm moving at the Thursday Thursday and there you go but then we want to nine more like three weeks ago. What less is more who just sees a different cat guys? That's first draft from this week. I'm Chris Smell. It's todd will be back soon enough..

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