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Of it on WNYC, I'm joined by Jacqueline Cincotta WNYC program director. And we are here to ask you to help us help you it is our fall fund raiser, and we want. Come on in and help out. It's amazing fifteen dollars a month will get you to be a sustaining member you'll help pay for the reporting from from all over the world. When you think about how many news organizations are closing down bureaus domestically meaning not even taught in terms of international bureaus. Isn't it great that you can turn on WNYC and here reporting from Africa the here reporting from Europe to really hear from reporters that are on the ground? But the way that happens is by you folks, helping us by donating to WNYC the number is one eight eight eight three seven six nine six nine to WNYC dot org. You can click on that donate button. I like that. You said help us help you which is great right because it is a service, and you're tuned to WNYC. We don't force you to pay anything. It's here for you. Whenever you want. It's here for the entire community whenever anybody needs. Good news reporting interesting programming. That's what public radio was designed to be. And that's what we are here at WNYC. But for those who can make contributions we do ask that you do that. At least once a year support this service that you use hopefully on a regular basis, but you know, what you don't have to listen all the time to warrant a pledge of support. If you listen a few times a week, if there's a few shows that you really plug into if all that is one of the shows you found recently since Alison Stewart joined our team, this is the time to show your support and say, yes, all of it. I am digging this show. I wanna support it making a pledge right now tells us that that's an important thing for you. Eight eight eight three seven six nine six nine two it's eight eight eight three seven six WNYC or WNYC dot org. And I do want to say if you are thinking about becoming a member a contributing member for the first time, and you do it in the next hour or so before two o'clock, we have a special offer that's being presented during all of it only. And it is simply put you make a pledge in any amount, and we're gonna send you a can of twelve ounce fair. Trade certified organic coffee that has been specially roasted for WNYC by the Brooklyn roasting company, again, that's only until two o'clock and a pledge at any level. What a great way to become a first time contributed to WNYC and another thing you can get which is which is if you've been on WNYC's Twitter feed or Chaminda Bassey's Twitter feed.

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