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Light volume out there so far this morning no problems on I four we're looking good on I seventy five as well his supporters want to I Sims grain and quit that Sims grain Florida's premier crane safety and rigging experts offering cutting edge technology front on grand operation small and large always available there's a sense grain dot com extravagant dated six ten K. longest radio WFLA grab a jacket this morning but I don't think you'll need it this afternoon with highs at seventy four it's fifty four degrees said newsradio WFLA the man's in custody after a swat team stand off in Hillsborough County it started last night in town and country at an apartment complex on web road deputies say they were interviewing a person about some recent break ins when the th annual crews fired a shot at them the thirty six year old barricaded himself in his apartment but he eventually surrendered hours later and no one was hurt a thirteen year old boys charged with stabbing his grandmother to death in Saint Petersburg fifty six year old Gloria Davis was already dead when police arrived at the home on sixtieth Avenue south three thirty Monday morning police chief Anthony Holloway tells news channel eight we're still trying to figure out exactly what causes juvenile to kill his grandmother the thirteen year old charged with second degree murder prosecutors are reviewing whether to charge the teen as an adult an accident has a teenager fighting for his life in Pinellas county St Petersburg police say twenty two year old Sir Richard Evans accidentally shot an eighteen year old yesterday on twenty third street to teen is in critical condition Evans is now in custody no word on what led up to the shooting or how the two knew each other authorities are confirming the remains of a child's body found in Alabama earlier this month are those of a missing girl from Jacksonville decay waters chief of investigations of the Jacksonville sheriff's office broke the news for department of law enforcement has canceled the amber alert detectives say remains found your Dimopoulos Alabama belong to five year old Taylor Williams the cause of death not released the child's mother Breanna Williams is accused of child neglect and lying to investigators but has not been charged in her death Gordon bird newsradio WFLA of Ellis county widow says she's on the brink of financial ruin because of government incompetence killing Hammond of done eating died five months ago importer Rico but his widow Andreas says the government there cremated his body before doing an autopsy lost his blood work and then issued an inaccurate death certificate I meant Andrea can't access the death benefit so she's old does why reaching out to lawmakers nothing's been done and bills are piling up the process of replacing to Florida Supreme Court justices has begun the panel responsible for calling a list of potential jurors for seats on the Florida Supreme Court began accepting applications Monday to replace former justices Robert lochan barber let go of the Florida Supreme Court judicial nominating commission is expected to finalize a short list of candidates for governor Disentis before the end of January the seats became open last week when the U. S. Senate confirm the appointments of luck and let go out to the eleventh US circuit court of appeals president trump in September nominated the pair to the federal court the deadline for applications will come sometime in late December I'm John Conrad Sarasota county school officials are starting to prepare now for next year's hurricane season after the district received a one million dollar grant from the Florida division of emergency management the money will be used to upgrade shelters at three schools admit crane emergency management chief says they learned a hard lesson after hurricane Irma and twenty seventeen colonel was unique in all in the history of Sarasota county we never sheltered more than three or four thousand people and a couple hundred pets during normal we had twenty thousand people and we had three thousand pets Magrane says the money will be used to make more room for evacuees and make the building safer the improvements are expected to be finished by late twenty twenty it's official white castles coming back to Florida the company made the announcement this morning in Orlando the.

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