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Going to have below normal temperatures for the next ten days and within that period. We'll probably see our first frost here in North Texas. And maybe even our I freeze at DFW. We shall see for the time being the main story is just kinda cloudy, and cool and drizzly and dreary. Yeah. Keep the rain gear handy. I'm not looking for a lot of rain, but just patches of light rain or drizzle tonight through tomorrow. Temperatures are going to pretty much fall into the mid fifties. And then stay there through tomorrow. We get into Friday temperatures will still be in the fifties, but will gradually see the sunshine returns to Friday will be a better day. But it'll be a jacket day highs in the low fifties then comes Friday night when our temperatures will fall back. Back into the mid thirties right here in DFW, so little frost as possible Saturday morning, mostly sunny, Saturday afternoon, fifty three sunny to partly cloudy on Sunday with a high in the upper fifties. And then another strong cold front comes in next Monday. We could see temperatures in the mid thirties Tuesday morning of next week lower thirties next Wednesday. So I think both of those days have frost potential as well. And hey, maybe even our I freeze come next Wednesday morning right now, it is cloudy and fifty nine. Afternoon spy, forty two. I'm Kelly ways live the Mercedes Benz of plano news center. The ten eighty pump watch two dollars nine cents in north Fort Worth at the Costco to Hama ridge Parkway, north Tarrant Parkway and two dollars a nine cents in plano at the Sam's Club on east spring creek Parkway two dollars and twelve cents.

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