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The young girls who fell in love with the first one are now tweens and not so much into princesses anymore more from Ellen government reporter at the Wall Street journal Ellen set this up the kids who were the biggest band that further than when it came out our six years older now they're clean and they're over it the thing they don't wanna go there being bribed by their parents so that they will go and in some cases the moms who and dads who aren't going without the children because they just feel nostalgic about it but the kids have gone on to other you know computer games and other shows and they're just they're just not and they don't have time for frozen I thought it was interesting you quoted a woman who studies this to stop and she said Disney princesses are being outgrown more quickly why is that well the reason for that but one is that we're talking more about princesses and parents are talking to their children about princesses and then the lan and that there are other thank you can fire to be in life but also there's a double standard he argued because super heroes and Star Wars and all that stuff little boys and of course the girls can hold on to into adulthood and go to those big Marvel movies but the interest the little girl there very quickly discounted well but wouldn't there is so if there's concerns about save falling in love with frozen I mean wouldn't the next generation of young kids want to be watching this and kind of yeah they probably well it it a bit of a wait for equal for the original sound a huge movie if there's no question and a lot of it a lot of those young kids did he mention are gonna be pouring in and that kind of merchandise and it's gonna be the whole Disney phenomenon or it certainly predicted to be slightly older kids who would have died for a sequel several years ago now are just kind of me and here it is it's a lot of weight first vehicle but I also think of everything that happens in a little girl's life eighty four a K. H. email and if if a lot new you know a whole lot of new perspectives and interests and he hit me and respect me Allentown vermin arts reporter at the Wall Street journal or pieces called generation frozen grows up is frozen two hits theaters this weekend we got some great quotes from some of these kids to what the who is and even some of the parents of over there saying they wind girl he'd rather be watching YouTube in our bedroom she really likes nail art videos she grabbed the baton pro thank you and then the girl whose father spent two hundred fifty dollars that that the property boutique in Disneyland to get her out make over a queen Elsa makeover and so this is like these this movie had been so central to the lives of some of these families and I think that's really where it is some of the deck crazy death comes in because the girls had been living breathing this movie singing songs all the time in fact the one eighty from where they had been things Ellen Ellen Gammon arts reporter at the Wall Street journal don't forget by the way we can connect on social media you can follow us on Twitter at this morning show you can follow me directly as well on Twitter at Gordon deal you can also find us on Facebook six minutes now in front.

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