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He can at his combine workout can roll out left and swing a ball back across the field. Nobody but playing a game and doing it as a whole nother animal and play two weeks. And throw six picks. It's a big wake up call. It's hard to keep your confidence. These young guys can can themselves a whole Mentally that's really hard to get out of They can get a lot of scar tissue. Built up making some of these mistakes too. They're not easy to always. Just forget so. I i know. That's what matt nagy has in mind a little bit. I think what the situation. It's unfortunate because andy was playing really well up until got her i. That game wouldn't even have been closed if he stayed healthy. So but yeah. I'm excited excited for justin. I think justice crazy talented and so incredibly excited for him if this is opportunity to go. So let's talk about zack wilson. Because you mentioned him and watching him lose twenty five to six at home to the patriots and bill ballot check and bill. Bella check destroys rookie. Quarterback's he consumes them. He picks their bones. That's all stuff that we know already cleans. His teeth with the bones of rookie quarterback is what he does but we saw jets fans alex. You know throwing in the towel and it's week two. And i say that because they were literally throwing souvenir tales from the stands. And zach wilson. The four picks. I'm curious about climbing into your memory bank here because what do you. Alex smith remember about playing the colts back in two thousand and five pablo. I've definitely tried to forget this one all right but we're good. I do remember my first career. Start the number one defense at the time and like the colts were in their heyday. Payton was rolling. But that defenseman dwight free robert matt Bob sanders. i mean it was. It was a joke and yeah. It's all a terrible blur for me. Like four picks i think my rating was it like it was a disaster but i think that was a clear design i was i just turned twenty one. I mean i played only two years in college in a spread system now trying to plan their center. Probably this become this pro quarterback whatever that is and It was not good. I was definitely i. I felt unprepared. And it was a disaster and it showed. You've been a guy who had a four interception game really early after being a top. Pick your the number one overall pick of course. What do you counsel him. Hypothetically what do you stay to him after a game like this if you were to visit him. Alex smith kind of like a ghost of christmas future. What do you. What do you tell a kid who's very talented but also just had a day like this. I think exactly that. I mean i think you gotta go like for me. I just go to the third and fourth picks that he grew and pause before the snap and look look like jack. It's ten to three on this one. It's in the third quarter we got. There's a ton of football left. There's no reason to throw this ball up The way he did and then even the second one in the fourth grade. I mean i think it was thirteen to three..

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