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And once again. I'm not trying to go back and forth with people on it But the ability to check the cylinder on a single action revolver is is impossible to open a chamber the cylinder because the cylinder doesn't it doesn't swing out like a modern pissed like a modern revolver. it has one loading port i e loading gate and allows one chamber of access at a time And you have to have the hammer half-cocked in order to rotate the cylinder now. Once that gate is closed. It's nearly impossible to ascertain whether the gun is loaded. And if the gate is open you can maybe see a cylinder and a quarter a cylinder and a happy can't see if the whole gun is loaded So that's that's the first thing about it in order to inspect each round. You have to remove each one individually one at a time by half cocking the hammer. So you can't even rotate the cylinder freely you'd have to have cockpit take out the the round cock. It again moved the cylinder so it's actually quite a pain to try and inspect one of these rounds So it would be and what we're seeing here is probably laziness to check the round. Every single time would be something that people would stop doing. And so that's that's the whole thing with the single action revolver and so it was probably just like yeah the guns cold because they didn't want to check it every single time the whole point. I don't think we'll ever find out why there was an actual round of ammunition in the cylinder. Why some why projectile was in the gun in the first place Let's see susan said. Three people were handling the gun in the scene. This is the armor. Hannah gutierrez read then assistant director david. All who then handed the gun to baldwin. This is interesting safety Cova nineteen safety protocols gutierrez read who is the armor set at the prop guns on a cart and then left. So we're talking about the rules. Were all three guys are gonna have to be there. Accordingly according to this affidavit hannah gutierrez was not allowed to be near David halls the assistant director or baldwin because of mclovin so she set the guns up and left them outside. So i know. Some of my conspiracy theorist people in the chair makers say channel dot com forward slash chat. There was a point of time where the guns were not under observation. She set up the guns and left the cart. Outside bonanza creek ranches church set hall did not know live rounds. Were in the gun that he handed the baldwin so all the sudden yes yes guys are chain of custody. We have a chain of custody issue because of makovich. So is it her. I don't know could somebody have walked up. Opened up the chamber throw around in and taking it back also. There are reports that this gun that was being used as cold. Eighteen seventy three was being used for target practice at different points. Not just as a prop gun back into the article when they came back from lunch creeping shadow prompted the camera to be moved to a angle so the original shot had to be changed because there was a shadow in the frame which is why she was probably in front. The original shot live rounds are never ever ever ever ever ever permitted permitted on a movie set ever ever. Nope never That question they don't ever want them onset. So check this out. The original angle of the camera had to be moved so originally the gun was not pointed at the simmer cinematographer at the camera but but they had to move it because there was a shadow as baldwin was explaining how he was going to draw his gun and where his arm was position it discharged. It's a negligent negligent discharge. Yes that's right rule. One never point the gun at anything you don't intend to destroy but we're pretty sure alec baldwin either a does not know the four universal gun rules or be due to be an exhausted and all this other stuff played a little fast and loose with the rules because they were behind filming and things needed to get done Souza's said he was looking over hutchinson shoulder. When the gun discharged hutchinson hutchings grabbed her midsection stumbled backwards and was assisted to the ground. Russell recall hearing allow bang seeing a bloody sousa and hearing hutchinson. Said she couldn't feel her legs. The search warrant was released saturday sunday night allowing for a seizure of all firearms firearms components used their unused ammunition whether it be live ammunition or proper ammunition. They're even saying in the warrant. They were collecting live ammunition from the set. The shooting came to came. After crew members were raising concerns about safety conditions onset crew members told the la times less than a week earlier stunt doubled had fired to accidental prop discharges after being told the gun was cold..

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