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I loved get to hang out with them and, and get to hang out with a bunch of our listeners tonight. So it's going to be a great show and a great evening and a great weekend. Get started as we always do courtesy of executive producer, Chad, a Coney Nakanishi your weekend review. I had an opportunity to do that wing dance thing, you don't talk about wing gliding or whatever can you imagine? I don't trust a kite. I don't trust a kite, and I'm standing on the ground. It's not the jump that kills you by the way. It's the sudden stop. Robert Mueller speaking to the media about his report, I'm Russian interference in the twenty sixteen elections comments, or is I and Robert Muller says, they'll be his last if we had had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime. We would have said, so Muller's statement was yet. Another continuation of the we don't think Trump should be president. We don't give a damn whether the American people. Roger. Everybody thought you was dead. I great learn about me nine. Eighty two year old doctor to check on you. That's comforting. What I do. He might not know they've invented penicillin. Not be aware of more fine. It's going to be ramone's list of the five greatest love song. Please remember the rules because we now do not follow the rules. I get very upset and my blood pressure. I've been having blood pressure problems again. I don't need that today. K when a man loves a woman at last by Etta James Elvis's I can't help falling in love these arms of mine by Otis, and the righteous brothers, unchained melody, Nathan, go ahead. Jones if all one boy, one girl by calling. Tyco. Oh, ain't no good. Ron, go ahead. Take editor James input on someday. We'll be together at the war with his hard for me to take somebody from the psychic hotline seriously. Fine though. I suggested on the morning show that I simply red cover of the stylistics with a great addition to the Friday week in review. I.

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