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This is Christy and welcome great to have you here all rights that's great to hear from you one quick question for you and my question is how scared other chronic virus should we really be I mean I feel like the media has blown it up and it's scaring and panicking the people man see you ask me that if I if I answer that there's no way I can win there's no way I could if I answered one when I get accused of causing a panic if I answered another way I get accused of not taking it seriously enough let me ask you what do you think of bill Clinton's excuse for having the affair with Lewinsky did you hear what he said I did not I said well that's what he said he's hi I held a budget exile issues I I have a lot of pressure you know big time pressure being present I states I had to deal with that so that's that's why I had their fair with that woman with whom I didn't have sex with when she was nineteen that's why I did it when you think about I think it's crap press release Hey man course it's crap stress relief well it is just a media turn it up and scaring the people kind of you know out how about hello work and you know your your your question is actually very good because if I were a politician I would answer one way I'm not a politician so I won't answer that way I'm I'm tempted to answer it honestly as as I think about it but then that might be considered to be your response by others because what I say is being heard by millions and millions of people and so I have to take that into account I can't yeah I got a so I don't know I I I mean I do not want to try to figure out how to how to answer your questions a serious question you're asking me if it's something we should be worried about well yes I can it yeah we should be worried about it but then worried about what like how worried are you about and to be honest with you I'm really not because I feel like it's the media blowing it out of all right in a week and next week will be they'll be on to a new topic probably something about trump right it may not be next week but we're going to get past this this is gonna end at some point like every thing does this is gonna be all over and we're going to be on to something else and your instincts are that whatever it is are going to be things the media the Democrats can use to target trump is probably pretty smart thinking as well but the specific answer to your question about the ref if if I were to sit here and tell you how I'm dealing with it yeah even even.

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