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RDA time four oh one the official crowd estimate now said a twenty two thousand by law enforcement agencies which oversaw today's gun rights rally on Capitol Hill W. R. V. A.'s Matt deadline was there I met someone in downtown Richmond in my twenty years of covering the capital never before writing the streets around it shut down crowds of people one night the bank main street many legally carrying rifles all advocating against stricter gun control I do think that this event in particular is potentially a spark of something bigger and that's why I came not so it's just the second amendment but it it might start something this man drove up from Florida there are a large groups from out of state I've seen Arkansas Texas Michigan and New Jersey flags and signs in downtown Richmond I met them white news radio W. R. Richmond school superintendents SO many teachers are planning to attend a rally at the capitol next week in support of increased school funding the district needs to cancel classes Richmond public schools released a statement from superintendent Jason cameras Sunday that announce goals would be closed on Monday January twenty seventh hammer says nearly seven hundred or about a third of the district's teachers are planning to take personal leave to participate in the rally he said it would not be possible to secure enough substitutes a chaotic scene erupted outside a Kansas city at night club overnight leaving at least two people dead more than a dozen injured police in Missouri still investigating what prompted the shooting but no people I've been talking about what they saw on social media police chief Richard Smith says the office is rubbed on scene one minute after getting the call about an exchange of gunfire police officers did not fire any shots at the scene the only shots that we know we're fire but were between the suspect in the security guard officer officers had just done a sweep of the site since the club is well known to authorities a four year old in Indiana boy is in critical condition after his after a gun his father had concealed in his clothing discharged while the two were wrestling police say the two were play wrestling last night on a bed inside a home near Bloomington Indiana they say the gun which the thirty six year old father had concealed near the small of his back felt and discharged one shot both the boy and his dad were hit in the head both were taken to the by helicopter to hospitals bothers injuries were not life threatening president trump spoke over not to a supportive group of farmers but the impeachment trial was clearly on his mind president trump last night in Austin Texas expressed his frustrations with the impeachment process telling a convention of farmers we're achieving what no administration has ever achieved before and what do I get out of it tell me I get impeached that's when I get out of by these radical left lunatics I get impeached the resident highlighted his recent signing of phase one of a trade agreement with China and Congress passing the U. S. Mexico Canada trade agreement checking your money the markets are closed for the holiday you next news at four thirty news on demand news radio W. RBA dot.

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