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Disarmament is getting ready. Sometime in the second half of twenty sixteen to date. We'll be the most destructive missile ever produced by. Don't get out of this technological constructed. We have a major weapons test is imminent. We need to know what it is to destroy it. Is that clear? Successful type testing ready to be rolled out. This ultimate power in the universe. Claim there is no other weapon. Like, it's in the world. Will amanda. I'm CLYDE Lewis. You are listening to ground zero. Coverage of the California. Fires. Also, I just got word of the nor'easter that's coming in early. And that's also done some damage killed a few people. Big about this metaphor if you will. We have six hundred missing sixty six dead and bodies are lying charred in paradise at six hundred sixty six bodies chart in paradise it. Sure sounds biblical an apocalyptic to me, and he gives me the chills just to think that we're living through it. And we're seeing it and the idea that some of those fires burning could be releasing radioactive debris dust and chemicals into the air. These are things that I'm sure, you know, they don't want to report they want report because he you bring people, you know, independent, but I'm doing it because I want you to know that this is happening. And there are ways you can get independent studies going to see if there was any exposure released, but people that died of cancer and leukemia people near Hanford, we talked about Hanford before there was a situation to Hanford was elite going on children with born or born with birth defects in in Saint Louis Santa's they had another problem of a fire burning there and people were having their hair fallout, and they were. Sick were throwing up the water was contaminated. It's these are things that you know, they wait, and wait and wait to clean up. Besides then when something like this happens, they want to cover up and say nothing to see here. But there is something to see in that is neglect and how this is going down. And how it has people. Wondering about why we see on one hand day Lucien flood nor'easters cold early in the year. And then we have this unbelievable fire going on. And you have to wonder if it's all part of some geo engineering control mechanism or the wrath of God is happening. I I just find it very arrogant. The laser the laser candidate created is called Helius, which of course, is the God that represents the power of the sun. It's so weird you'll using the power of the sun to scorch the planet using the power of the sentence scorched and enemy Russia and China have these weapons to they use them in space. They can use them on targets here on earth. This is this is our future, and this this this all could be painted in some apocalyptic Tableau. And that's fine. And you can throw it all away to climate change. You throw it all the way to the mismanagement of forest, but what is going on is people are still dying and they're still without property. And they're still wondering where the loved ones are. Triple eight six seven three thirty seven hundred that's triple eight six seven three thirty seven hundred go to James in Idaho. Hi, James, you're on ground zero. Hey, talking to your screener. I think one thing that's not really being considered. And I've been a real observer of cantrill and have little lot about he had against the LA real at all while back. Okay. I got her book and tried read about as much as I can. And once fact who would rations missile these fires. Insta- component in Kim trail powdered aluminum and other really microscopic metals. It's an accelerated when it stands on on the forest, canopy. Like napalm in the way, and it it makes the fire a lot hotter than it..

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