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Warm Tomorrow Thames Low eighties to upper nineties. This report is brought to you by staples from the Southern California Toyota dealers. Traffic Central. We make it easy. We have a crash on the five in Laguna Niguel. This's the South bound side, Crown Valley Parkway. That's where about 56 cars got into it there blocking the right lane. Big delays. You're backing up all the way out of Laguna Hills from Alicia Parkway. Let's check out Long Beach We've got Mike O'Brien KF eye in the sky sponsored a thigh injury. Attorney Superwoman super lawyer dot com O angel getting to be a cluster. You don't what out of this? WeII. It's the four or five North bound on Bellflower Boulevard. They finally clear the five bright planes out of that accident to the right shoulder now, but bumper to bumper well into Seal Beach and looks like back to Seal Beach Boulevard. And now problems on the south. Downside. I'm seeing four or five South found a purchase to 605 CHP stopping all lane for some reason here. I'm not quite sure but that is backing up through the slowing for this other wreck on the South side. Leaving the 7 10 Now 7 10 North bound. That's all jammed up from the floor. O find up to 91 because of direct blocking on the other side, and that's the 91 West transition. The south, 7 10 That's out with an overturned big break injured in an accident. Business superwoman super lawyer dot com Mike O'Brien KF eye in the sky. The subject is sponsored by the San Diego Zoo. KF Eye in the sky Help sketchy there Faster! I'm Angel Martinez. Welcome back to wonder. The San Diego Zoo is now open. Create places.

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