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Are bankers too quick. Comments for you, guys. Well three, and then we'll move on the stew eight twenty two rights, and we won't accept assassination team into the country. So where we normally go to Lytham. It's a good question. And they also go sanctions on top to be fair. I am sock says like I see in the movies, quoting Donald Trump said by the name by the man in charge of the nukes. I know. Okay. Ignorant, like, I don't wanna know about this stuff. It's so terrifying. Yeah. By the way, I do two more comments, very tennis. Right. Sit on Twitter. Well, of course, he's going to give the murderers. The death penalty can have them told me about this later on. That's a very good point wherever they are. Whether they actually were the murders or not and on YouTube super chat, the Blue Wave continues rates in an important runoff election. The race for Georgia's sector state on December fourth support democratic John barrow Democrat John barrow, so that we can defeat Trump and twenty twenty through free and fair election in this swing state. Thank you for writing that in that is very important. We appreciate that. Okay. Now, the democratic leadership and anger. Let's all right. With Democrats taking charge of the house of representatives. Some of the more progressive members of congress are pushing for a vote on Medicare for all legislation. Now, it's abundantly clear that this is legislation. That's unlikely to go anywhere. Especially considering the fact that Trump's the president and Republicans still control the Senate, but the whole point of this is to place pressure on establishment, Democrats and party leaders who have not done nearly enough in securing a single payer healthcare system for Americans. So supporters say they're going to push for a vote and organize grassroots efforts to pressure democratic holdouts to sign onto the legislation. Now, some of these democratic holdouts have released statements about this. And it gives you an idea of how incredibly pathetic and weak. They are we'll get to that in just a second. But Representative Premila giant, Paul who's awesome. Also, the co chair of the Medicare for all caucus in the house toll. Supporters on an organizing call that simply expressing support for the idea is not enough. In fact, she was quoted as saying when we have that majority. We need to make sure that we put it to use could not agree. More hundred percent, right go get him. Now. Let's talk about some of the more salvage -ment Democrats who are fighting back when right now they're fighting back subtly, but when push comes to shove they will play dirty tricks to try to prevent this from happening. Now, congressman Ron kind said many House Democrats, including members of the leadership are not on board with the idea of government run universal health insurance..

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