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We have a saying in the mcculloch house slow obt and disobedience zone in disobedience has consequence and obedience has reward we would that we i say that all the time in a seminar spiritual life too if we are slow to do what god wants us to do than were not doing what god wants to do and sometimes there are consequences to that that we don't always see sometimes a child parishes when they don't have to sometimes a child dies when it could have been prevented sometimes a child will have that leprosy advanced to a stage where when we do get them the antibiotic we can cure them of any further deterioration but the deterioration went too long and they still had to have a foot amputated or an arm come off friends the these are the types of things that we can stop quickly if we obey quickly we do what we're supposed to do and i'm you're not obeying kevin okay this is this is this is not kevin mcallister saying you're supposed to do this what i'm ask asking the question is are you did god in input imprint upon your heart a desire to if he has if he's shown you the amount of he's shown you what you're supposed to be doing then i can say with certainty that if you are slow to do it than you are being this obedient but if you are quick to do it the reward of that is that you will be able to stop that development of that disease in that child at the exact right moment that god one center to be done and quicker is always better than later when it comes to obedience so do the quick thing do the right thing eight hundred four four three eight three eight eight hundred 443 or a three eight.

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