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Rightfully so think long-term with it because it's very expensive to change and so when because you're buying presses that cost five to six hundred dollars a piece just for like one part of the label. We have three different processes. I think that you have to to buy. They may even be more expensive. I can't even remember but it's very expensive to change like even subtle details so as you have to think. Long term are going to look like in ten years or five years. How HAS IT changed? How much can cause a change so it was just very well thought out it had to be in and our designer kind gave us that mindset which. I appreciate so one of the brands that is new to the market and gets a lot of criticism For for its price point is Peerless and they went through an exhaustive amount of research effort to create that that bottle which is one of the reasons why it's it's so expensive. How do you now that you are in the position you are? Do you have a little bit more respect for something like peerless. Because of that effort design into the bottle being password to the into the cost of the final product. I think it's a little bit different. I think what peerless has done? I mean they've won awards for bottle design right. They're also winning awards for their whiskey but they've won awards for bottle design our intention when we started right. I mean we had lofty ambitions when he walks and do all. Because my uncle owns the the place and makes like the box for Booker's Craig's. I was like we need to put in a box. It's GonNa have a two or something then you realize how expensive things are when you're doing all these runs and you're like okay. We need to get the cost down and totally like you said dictates the price what ends up in the consumer's hands and especially coming from a source market like it's almost impossible to at least in day and age unless you're buying thousands of barrels to get a source product under fifty dollars. It's it's impossible and making sure that your packaging looks good but is also cost. Effective is really. We've tried to be at right. We didn't want to be in the sixty or eighty cent wine bottle shape. Were in the two dollars and fifty cents or two dollars. Seventy five cent This kind of Parker shape right. We felt like will pay the extra dollar fifty or whether it is to be able to get us to that point so there is there. Is those decisions that we kind of went down the path that said like. Where can we make the bottle upscale without completely blowing out of the water right? I mean I know that we talk about peerless like I think what twenty bucks of the bottle was twenty bucks of that whole the whole product is into the packaging. That's a Lotta money right. How much is every bottle? I would say into ours. We've got somewhere. I would say less than five dollars. Maybe five dollars a bottle or somewhere. Yeah why did you all go with? Because a lot of people what they'll do is they'll cut body on the cork or the closure you guys use. Looks like he is us one of the higher grades at Cork here. Actually you know it was. It was funny going into that so we started off in I. That was the that was the battle that I thought I thought on that hill and I said guys. I want a natural cork and not only that is I said okay. Well by the way also when you when you're looking at tops there are so many damn tops out there and so I said like okay. Well we need to find a blacktop. We like would natural would. What DOES THIS FIT? Does this fit well. The packaging finally found one. We found somebody that had these antique blackwood tops that had natural cork in stock three thousand units dot. Done right. We'll take them and they fit the at the opening yet thing you had to go and try to find the the whole fittings for it then anyway then you start going on this path and then you realize like Oh my God. We've we've run through three thousand corks. We need more quirks and then they're like well to. We had those in stock. They're not in stock anymore. If you WANNA get the Antique Blackwood with Natural Cork it's GonNa take around twelve to sixteen weeks like hot now like four like no. You gotta be kidding me. And they're like but we have these synthetic ones available and I was like all right. Well let me let me pull the audience. And that's one of the greatest things that we have about having the Patriot community. Is I pull out there and I said like. Do care something synthetic or if it's natural and it was it was about sixty forty. Most people just didn't care The people that that actually didn't care actually wanted synthetic had really good reasons of not wanting natural cork in the most people that wanted natural cork was mostly. Just a stack right. That was the only driver and so I said are off. Let's go ahead and let's make the change will move to synthetic because you know there's various reasons from When did you guys make the change in it? Because I didn't I didn't notice it had to been. I think episode eleven ish is when we had to make that change In and then we started going on a path where like okay. Well when you order more. Let's go custom right. And so that's we actually started looking at putting in our custom logo on top of the as well that's cool So you guys come out with us you know. It is a really beautiful bottle. You guys did a great job and you've done a really good job of selecting good whiskey. 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