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You always been using. The muslim electra. A long time an amazingly old hospitals closed three days after after their surgery. So i had no no fizzy ever and not led to a series of amusing incident. While mayb in world war. There was a guy called. Douglas bonte who was a had likes dot c. While i was walking light for quite a long time because i could move. My legs was lock. Every every time i stood up and too much cough muscle twice just because muscle muscles went used to to work him so recovery was quite a lot harder and of course i was working from home throughout all that period and it was radio at stand up and after work like got no need for quite a long time so great luck for their and it was only. When i came back to work i was walking off. So the slowly but surely starts got full mobility now condense and everything is crazy. It's been a weird experience on. I'm older than you and i. I remember in the eighties when they used to have. Its is the nuclear warning saying on tv and say when the when the attacks sounds you and your family must take cover. That was kind of scary. But i never thought stainless to some somebody else actually that. I never thought that we'd be in a situation where we're wearing masks. And i'm you know there's all these all these measures in place to protect us from the pandemic and it's likely from from a science fiction movie re really as things. Break things to be in that through. Recovery payers kinda weird. 'cause i was kinda disassociated from it so whereas it was in fact temper i was locked down anyway. But he's strange world. We're living in the my sons. I'm always willing to subscribe to the altern. Colitis thing that we're living in an old senate's online could be buried possible. Donald trump's presidency. Now how is how is that happened. Nagy presence estates to my injecting disinfectant. I mean what what is going on. Then boris johnson is a prominent. I mean it's like which one step from role. Mcdonald's you know what you just don't know what's going on in the world and he say all these things in advance of blm which is long overdue that movement and topic being forced into into the mainstream. But i think we'll changing so rapidly that we live in crates ottawa. I've got a question to get this wrecks in a minute. But yeah he says yes. He's been strange couple of years. You mentioned how drink collider anyway go weightless but he doesn't know why no respect you top secret trust. We compress on in our. Don't have eyeballs. Not just hurt my brain valuables were ordered. I have instead fixed is. That's why the heads turn true. So there is no actual bulls that correct. What kind of shape. They were auto. No i'm just. I'm just acted one charging that an uncle them both somebody has i. I wasn't in world war subaru. Sure you got probably because they don't have toll instead that is a shaped like choose. Held rigidly in place by bones cooled. Laura is easy that says golden. Let's go to mike. Drug j. have say j. Obviously you know this. Podcast is co ltd. podcasts wounds out limited space. Which is do you know what i mean by. Leonardo space vaguely describe it to me. Lebanon spaces like being on a threshold. So it's being in between the ages of life. Yes apple waiting rooms. A classic examples of limited space. Because you not on holiday home Wait a guy this experience that you've been through the lockdown the experience with your health and your mama's being eliminated space for you i. He said he felt like yourself again. But i guess it would be fair to say the things have changed in the got some neat perspectives on life and views. Wanna maybe just go into a bit more detail on things that have changed for you and if there are people that are going through similar situations you may be some advice. Though some bits that you could offer up so that why will question. Yes i go well for just not just not a yeah okay so yes a might might. Mice dential view has changed a gas in the sense that i wouldn't choose to believe in the live fast. Die young mantra definitely. I wanted to show lights on. Who had long ship sailed the dying young. What's what it's taught me is that you don't have to constantly seek adventure sales because there's a contentment means a lot to quote the famous phrase gashing cleaning the outages. The pursuit of happiness is the most important thing not no. I'm beijing material. Gains what matters is the people that you careful people that you love and the time the memories that you create with them you know. I have a lot of regrets. relationship members. Incredible regret anything other than a wish. That been more of it much. Promise me live forever. And we promise chevy broach and so you know rockefeller given fellaga. Wisconsin sat on the sidelines. Remember saying it but you know. I won't eat again you. You'd say both very capable guys. You know you got a lot of talent but.

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