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Say someone can't if it's if it's only been an accusation he's never been convicted of anything how does the archdiocese got him to say well you your band on the priest and he makes around say one I've been convicted of mouth you put your fine work here's a list of thirty two Roman Catholic priests in your size uses Cincinnati and that what they did allegedly accusations there's few if any convictions all of his accusations the church paid millions of dollars I like to look in somebody sign like Brett Kavanaugh yeah Joey sweat me coming out of these three women came out I think they've been proven to be liars however I want to see him here with all these allegations are made publicly accused praise and there's never resolution is a he said he said and a few cases he said she said and very rarely do they admit to it the Catholic Church pays out money part of the deal is we hereby don't invent anything then they sign this consent decree with Michael K. Allen fifteen years ago that they violated then they are size he says again today this will never happen again Rachel your react by the they are styes Nevers never taken a hardline zero tolerance stance if they come on so yes they they have I've been in meetings yes I don't feel like they're both in their daughter they sure what they say things but they don't do Spencer should have said six complaints out of St Max's in liberty township now what were they he a rub my shoulders Hey rob my thighs he made sexually X. in new windows toward me is that enough I don't I don't yes yes yes absolutely the house is different from like the and again I'm not stick up for these you know craves but I'm saying how is this different from you know a lot of the me too movement right where somebody some college kid of of rape and and she said well I didn't do anything the school just bands I'm already kicks him out of school for the kids didn't doing all these are children that's the first lesson when I suppose a lot says ones let's swap the pres for teachers now if the teacher did any of these things they would be automatically suspended from school district heading an investigation yes.

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