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Good Formula One driver. One, you can't be overwhelmingly large. They tend to be, you know, sort of average heighted guess, or even a little bit more diminutive than that. I also considered Aussie albeit in the Formula One role because India is like 6 foot and Ali's a little under that. You have to have really good reflexes to me that said a middle infielder. You gotta have a middle infielder because you need someone who has that sort of quick reaction and is going to be able to I don't know. You wouldn't say Dodge cars veer away from cars. Why am I asking you about cars? That's another thing about this. Yeah, you may be not the most reliable narrator when it comes to the driving experience. But I figured someone who was a middle infielder would be appropriate here. And then I think that one of the things that I observe about Formula One and car racing in general is that there seems to be some flare associated with the people who do it. Not always, but sometimes particularly in Formula One as opposed to say NASCAR. And Jonathan, and he's got that hair. And it seems like hair that would play in Formula One because he looks like he could be in a movie about the three musketeers. He looks like he could be one of the musketeers. And something about that says Formula One to me. I don't know if it's because I associate Formula One with the French. That's also a possibility, but I think the combination of stature and reflexes are the things that might lend him to actually being able to do the car part and his looks into the sport more generally. I think albies would have been a very good pick here also, but I think I'm going with Jonathan, India. So. All right, that's my pick here. First board that I have watched, zero minutes of. I could say the same. Well, I'm glad that you went there anyway so that could avoid overlap in this chap because I don't have any F one picks. There you go. You will be shocked to learn. Okay. For my next pick, this is what our fourth my fourth pick. Correct. I will take Jacob stallings, the catcher, as a hockey goalie. Oh, sure, yeah. Seems like a natural transfer of skills, right? Two goalie. And I think stallings would be a perfect pick because he's probably the reigning best blocker in baseball right now. I think Roberto Paris certainly has a case and he had a notable streak without past balls a couple of years ago and I think he led in baseball perspectives, blocking runs in 2019, but stallings led this year and it's something he prides himself on in his work done a lot. And he won the gold glove and he won the fielding Bible award and part of that is because of his blocking and he did not allow a single past ball this whole season, which is pretty impressive because he got a lot of playing time. And their quotes quoting from an athletic story here where former effectively wild guest Steven brut is lauding, stallings is blocking skills and says he blocks everything all the time. And that is exactly a goalie's job description. And he is used to wearing the pads, of course, he is also a large man, 6 5, two 25, and as I understand it, there has been an in beginning of goalies, both their frames and their pads and their protective gear. There was a good Atlantic article by Ken dryden about that last year, hockey has a gigantic goalie problem. It is a problem for people who are trying to score on the goalies and stylings would be a pretty gigantic goalie. And he is apparently extremely mobile and flexible. He has God given hypermobility in his hips, ankles, and knees, according to a quote in this athletic article where someone says I'm almost a foot shorter than him and I can't even come remotely close to doing some of the things that he can do. So he can contort himself all over the place. And I got to think it must take a lot of nerve to stand in there against a hard puck and slap shots that are going extremely fast. But probably not more nerve than it takes to be a big league catcher. So I think that Jacob stallings could pull it off. Yeah, I think that that's a great pick. I'd like to think that I made weird pics so that you could make normal ones. I think this is service. Good. Even though I well, I didn't really take Otani from you, did I? You got to take a ton. To share him. Okay..

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