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Nine or CR trying to make it three in a row here at Santa superspeedway about to be decided in the trial. They come but challenge on down low Jimmy Johnson pools out, but foyer looks like he held him off. No, they're saying Jimmy Johnson. We'll get the win Elliot sample kits. He's up he's on the roof slotting back straightaway. Napa car turns Girish. Sen's one two three four five zero roles as Elliott Sadler. Tumbles. Off again with the press. Spun he crashed his Kevin Harvick is upside down gets away with the race lead. Everybody. Jeff, Gordon voice, everybody still single file trailing Cody sewer. It is absolute a blast. It's a blast for the drivers. And it was a class for the fans splish how drop into the inside of the track. Here's Eric Albaro. Who's nearly on the Daytona five hundred. Hey leads the lake coming down the line and he will win today in Talladega. Now back to your host like Bagley. Some of the best moments of racing at Talladega superspeedway right there. And you heard them on the motor racing network. Welcome back to NASCAR live fifty years of some of the most exciting racing in motor sports has happened in. Talladega Alabama and to help us reflect on that and a whole lot more is grant Lintz of Talladega superspeedway grant happy new year. We'll come back to NASCAR live new your bag, man. Thank you. Having me on fifty years of racing Attala data superspeedway. There's a lot of action. That's happened to over the years. Are there any certain things that stick out to you more than others about what's? Going down there at two racetrack Dale seniors last win being Taliban. How Connick he was at Talladega and all the races. He wanted our place and just how much he loved racing at the play tracks, you know, both at our place in Daytona. I think that's that's a huge thing. They're just all that. And of course, we start talking about all the records. They went for when the track was first Bill. I mean, they had school buses setting records. John Raymond set a record attractor trailer. And I think if you could drive it back, then they'd let you come trying to make a record. And and then you just got all exciting race in this happened on the track and all the people that have one it's it's an conic facility. And I think to have in our fiftieth year to get fifty million dollars to redo our infield. And do what we're going to be doing in this Enfield this year? It's just an iconic year a great year to celebrate fifty and a lot of ways bringing at the speed on what you're about to do and the status at the construction that's going on right now. First thing is we're putting in the big massive tunnel. So we're going to have a full. All SAS tunnel that RV's tractor trailers can go to directions at one time coming in and out. So the probably the best minute t we've ever done for our infield fans with the fact that you know, now, you gotta kinda wait outside till we can open up date nine. But now they're going to be able to come in starting Wednesday morning all the way through the end of the week. You can come and go as you, please. So that's a tremendous amid at I had Russell check on me because we ran into some groundwater believe it or not since we cut into that tunnel about two months ago. We have pumped sixteen million gallons of water out of the bottom of the area that we're trying to fix up there, and we're still on schedule. So the company that's doing that. Till Taylor construction is doing a heck of a job. When you think about sixteen million gallons of water. It's come out at all. Well, I'm looking at the construction Pam right now. And folks.

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