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John Huisman save that rising Colbert nineteen cases across the state and the continued spread make it impossible to go to phase four which would mean no restrictions they said the best thing Washingtonians can do to slow the spread is to wear facial coverings and maintain physical distance scene and good hygiene practices king county's health officer Dr Jeff Duchin says there's a worrisome trend emerging with the county's new cases giving going up consistently in the past couple weeks just last week alone we saw a sixty percent increase in Culver nineteen cases that's about a hundred and fifty six more cases than we saw the previous week now Dr Duchin says there isn't a specific incident that's the cause for this rice he says an increase can be attributed in part to the fact that testing rates have more than doubled in the county since June seventh along with opening up more of the county and the state those numbers however only account for the first two days that king county was in phase to the upside has been that the positivity rate in the county has remained stable and not drastically increasing and hospitalizations are still low more cases to do chin means people are going out more but aren't seriously taking precautions he wants to reiterate that just because the county is opening up more doesn't mean we throw out social distancing measures to completely eliminate the risk of code nineteen but we can and we must understand that rest yeah D. pretty fit in says wearing masks staying six feet away from others and staying home if you're sick are still some of the best ways to limit the spread he says we will most likely revert back in phases if we start to see any type of drastic increase so that we don't get the numbers like we were saying back in March and April you should also says they have not yet found any link to the increasing cover cases and the protest the university of Washington's institute for health metrics and evaluation now forecasts a hundred eighty thousand Americans will die from covert nineteen by October first that is actually down from last week's projection of two hundred thousand part of the reason for the decrease is despite states like California seen increasing numbers deaths have not been rising at the same rate these new projections include strong social distancing and mask wearing mandates a mandatory face covering order is now in effect for all of Washington state you dub medicines Dr Chloe Bryson Khan says a lot of this really comes down to common sense if we are able to be outside and distance from other people so six feet away but they're saying that it's okay to not wear a mask but we're outside we're in we're in a crowded place outdoors or somewhere where there's tons of people around and you just can't maintain safely six feet away from everyone else and you should have your face covered your nose in your house stop Dr Bryson Khan says a symptomatic people can easily spread covert nineteen others which is why it's so important to use mass to help slow the spread of the illness it appears Seattle mayor Jenny Durkan plans to start clearing out the occupy protests zone this weekend she met with demonstrators yesterday and told those present she plans to start removing most of the barricade Sunday morning but it appears there are no plans for police to return to the abandoned east precinct this weekend there were some tense moments yesterday outside the Seattle police west precinct where protesters threw a rock and broke one of the building's windows como crews say there were several officers rushed out of the precinct as protesters converged on the entrance no officers were hurt in the protesters later left the area governor Inslee says he is confident the chop will be dismantled fairly soon I know there's other ways to protest the the black lives movement or talking about how to have another place and I think we are going to succeed having a peaceful transition initially spoke on CNN where he praised the protesters for changing the public consciousness about police reform a troubling new survey shows that nearly one in five people who live in the Seattle area might not be able to pay their July rent the survey from the U. S. census bureau shows that all of the more than one million renters in the Seattle area which includes Bellevue and Tacoma nearly two hundred thousand of them have zero or slight confidence they can pay the majority of those are unemployed because of the pandemic similar survey found that homeowners are in better shape but about ten percent of them are unsure if they'll be able to pay their mortgages homeowners time is two days as we head over to the Harley exterior sports does Dave Lewis has passed has a basketball news good afternoon everybody Mississippi junior basketball player Blake Hinson who into the NCAA's transfer portal last week plans to transfer to Iowa state six seven four will apply for a waiver to play right away he does have his reasons in a statement it says it was time to leave a message that he did not want to be associated with anything representing the confederacy the state flag of Mississippi includes the emblem of the Confederate battle flag hits a started fifty eight of sixty games averaged ten points and four point six rebounds per game robbery the travelers championship Brendan time of the two stroke lead over Dustin Johnson at eighteen under par both hot and Johnson shot nine under sixty one today Kevin Streelman alone in third minus fifteen sports at ten forty past the hour I'm Dave Lewis calmness I now sing M. 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