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Dan Schwartzman Dano Tottenham making Premier League history Yeah this was interesting They've now jumped up to 5th in the league table a stunning three to two win at Leicester City Steven Bergman scores a price now the first goal that he scores comes 5 minutes of stoppage time That was equalizer The winner two minutes later Tatum becomes the team to come back and win a match at the latest stage possible and Premier League history at 94 minutes and 52 seconds unbelievable Elsewhere in the Premier League Manchester United beating Brentford three to one they move level with arsenal for 6 to the table Looking in Spain Atlético Madrid is knocked out of the Copa del Rey in the round of 16 two nil by rail socio dad One big upset at the Australian open ten seated Hubert's order catch losing in straight sets to adan in the second round notables to advance third seed Alexander zverev 17 CD Gael Monfils big names playing currently and a little bit later from now fourth seeded Stefano stitch 15 Andre Rublev 19 Felix OJ Elias sema and the 13 seated Diego Schwartzman Looking at the women's draw fourth seed Barbara krejcikova 15 Maria sakari and 13 seat and Amy Osaka have all advanced and trade sets as does the American Nissan mova who upsets 20 seconds in Belinda bencic Big names in action coming up at second sea arena sabalenka third seed garbine muguruza and of course 6 seat Annette Conte Derek Henry seems to be on track to play in Saturday's divisional playoff game against the Bengals as a running match successfully went through a practice yesterday involving contact with defensive players Henry has been out since fracturing his foot back on October 31st the 2020 NFL rushing leader will go through practice the rest of the week before a decision is made on Friday Friday whether he makes his return on Saturday NHL scoreboard two local teams in action 15 minutes ago in the third rangers in Toronto tied at three earlier devil's loose Arizona four to one I'm Dan Schwartzman that Bloomberg world sports update Paul All right thanks very much for that Dan in a moment we're going to be talking a little bit more about this reported idea in China that tech joins are going to need to get approval before making investments will dig into that story We'll have a chicken markets for you as well Looking mix to mostly positive for equities markets across.

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