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I l you'll spend christmas watching edits at christmas movie and people will be hopefully delighted exit i thank thank members members call colosio just wanna say a massive thank you to the director of ferdinand at fa coming over and a shine to us on the fun kids dine like and these basil only easily amy esteemed guests that we've got on the phone kits donald normal talking about robo ada we have gone up day from the big man himself is father christmas to d where choosing the stroking that we're going to be hanging by new fireplace and julue dive new tissue rhythm many years of delivering prisons around the world they're stroking news all gauging brieger of when i was a young santo there were more like a soak and we put small gift seen them such as fruit bb some good coins and possibly or small toyo too because if you put too much into them they may fall off the wall and we don't dare do we now if you go to a packed there are some great pay stockings available with treats that are safe field for a refrained remember marches animals might one some of your chocolates each bag for them and the last thing we want is our seek better christmas it's the same with reindeer which is why they love a cab at all too and if you don't believe a cookie all too well they say that i'll make sure they'll have a good home to go through opens here.

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