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You'll have a certain consistency in your style because it is all coming from one brand. And it's probably a brand that you you really like their aesthetic you're gonna plunk down this. What is it ninety eight bucks a month ninety five ninety five? It's not a terrible idea. But I I'm just like really another one. Yeah. I know but don't let the avalanche of places. Do this completely discourage you I think there's a customer here. I think there is. You know, what here's another story from my office. Tell us this morning. I was telling a co worker about the outrageous online purchase I made last night, which I'll tell you about in the next. Oh, I'm so excited. But then she says to me I just bought three dresses from Ann Taylor. Loft says a twenty three year old living in Saint Petersburg, Florida. And I looked at her like, you sure, you don't live in DC. Because you think it's like two dressing for your office. No, I I mean, if she wants to wear an Taylor loft. That's fine. I'm just I have it in my head so ingrained that an Ann Taylor loft customer lives in DC and has an office job and is between the ages of twenty and thirty five and goes to loft because it's safe office clothing. But then I thought well they've got a lot of lightweight stuff year round at loft. I think that's a part of what drew her, and I still have it in my head that and Taylor loft as a place where DC people shop for their DC close for the DC jobs. Yeah, they do. I know. I am part of the problem. DC people. I'm the reason we can't have nice things. Okay. You have to move on to another story because I want to hear about the crazy thing you bought last night. I bought a pair of Lou batons. You buried love lead. You buried the lead. Lisa har. I can't believe we are into this podcast. How many minutes and you buried the lead? I should have been the first thing you talked about I have mixed feelings about men purchase. Okay. What color? My happy place. What color are they they're black? They have a little gross game bow on them. How big is the he'll like. I can't tell you the millimeters, but it's a a pretty modest he'll for Lou batons like I could very easily wear these to my office. I bought them on EBay, the particular shoe. I don't think has been out by Lubaton for about three or four years. But I found a really good pair on EBay that. Like, the red bottoms are real rugged Lisa. This is awesome. You've been talking about this for a while. Was this a birthday present for yourself? Oh, yeah. It was I was like about myself tooth Unabomber self apparently baton they to me, and let me tell you. I could've bought three pairs of Lubaton for the price. I paid for that tooth. I got a real good deal on EBay. Okay. The reason I have mixed feelings is because before I bought the Lou batons on EBay. I was like Fanego my car payments to see how quick I could pay my car off, which is way sooner than originally planned. I'm like, yes, I'm gonna do this. This is what I'm going to do to pay off this car and not have this like Bill hanging over my head each month because I haven't had a car payment in seven years, and now I have one and I'm like, I wanna get rid of it. And then I was like let me by these loops. Like what brain fart did? I have. Oh, it's your birthday go for it. You have to have a little fun..

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