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Do? Dog wishes you happy Sunday g dog wishes you win the. Double at the driver Gee dog. Wishes you win, a lot, of things g dog does he certainly, does all. You know what that. Is that's when I you know when I was came. Back from Europe that's right? That's what they did they made a new g. dog internet You're listening to Sounds nicer, than you know kind of a Jada this Hito Really. Nice she dog wish you win the double g. dog wishes you whatever you say dog in French Yeah Dougy which will likely to speak. French Just did apparently let's see, if you guys can understand this, again French meaning name is jewel Is, I, didn't catch your word Lina I hope people have been nice weekend because, yeah that's that's. Good Superstar stand you, have to be Subtitles subtitles. People z. people beautiful Beautiful is impeccable and Oh The. Rain now I talked to Bill Deger earlier about taxing. Sunshine. Okay What we figured. It might be. A way to make some extra money we both, together? He's our meteorologist if we start. Taxing you folks your sunshine left right you live in New. York state you probably ought to. Pay. Tax should be used to it you should be tax on everything okay there should. Be a flush tax when you. Use the restrooms at Saratoga earlier today somebody mentioned I was maybe candy are you that the? Poor restrooms at, the track are going to be? In an, awful, day somebody said that yes of Kennedy or are? You who was yeah but can you. Imagine being arrested with attract. Today. We've got thousands of people. Come in it's like their Super Bowl yeah so to. Speak But bump. Yourself. Super Bowl anyway They yeah we and somebody. Compared the way the restrooms are we'll be. Today to a part time employee somebody did get the same, treatment who was that any ranger I don't know who? That you ever. Watch the lone ranger I not from beginning to end I've seen it why can't you to fly why, can't you watch, it, from beginning to end I don't know, I just haven't well when he, walks in town for the first time you sometimes, he knows the sheriff the lone ranger okay all the time they go and, they they draw their gun on him but he has, to, draw his quicker and say I'm a friend and. Then, he takes out a? Silver, bullet and he, said, you know what this is and if you ever. Go yes I've heard of the man who. Wears a mask oh you're the. Lone ranger yeah I am It really it. Helps, he gets a discount? On, the hamburgers Does, the local bar this alone pays. To be lone ranger yeah the lady And maintain And then what he leaves at. The end you never watched the end probably he's helped somebody out of, a? Jam right they'll usually one of the two people he's helped don't know who, he is and, they'll say I wonder who that guy, is say you don't know who. That is why that's the lone ranger, the loan and then, you hear and then they ride off. That tie, it's great? You, know. No. Sorry okay It is, it's good stuff I'd like to. See superman come out with the lone, ranger sometime that could be a nice little crossover episode Tahoe. Super ranger, superman all? Eating, discount. Hamburg Superhero, they, should give. You a discount right I agree should you shouldn't have to pay for price so nobody okay as far as the whole you. Picked Our Lady Godot or something. Yeah wonder Godot. Wonder I'm Jim. Called me Jim to give me the training on how to place my bet when I go to place my bet all you got, it all down, so Bet which Alicia that's. Me Thank you and she voting on the. Only Philly. In the race that's, right how many. Horses altogether one just. Scratched, I saw on Twitter oh typical guard. Your German one white. Guy scratch Bendall center Snyder something. There's, another name I think I have it here Yeah there's. There's two Mendelssohn. And there was another, one who. Are in the race one scratch? Scratch. I just signed Twitter typical. Male would that be. Me Meister mind. Yes I think that was it Yes okay now. I think it's down, to ten. Horse it was thirty to one? Is. He didn't scratch you panic Come on Got to do is start scratching on you better get, Amati scratching so they take him out of, the race but he's scared to all hanging out at breakfast. This morning Who's hanging out the worst Do you really do you? Think they know each other they have to you think some dude So what together in the same probably, do barn yeah right so probably the word is no might your mind back. Except for wonder Godot she, probably has to stay in another lady caught. Up all those guys. I, imagine the horse language the male horse language Kenny will be awful it would be here now So okay you. To go with wonder Godot, and then you have a trifecta right that's. Right we have king Zachary Named after Zachary our producer who's not, here? Kenny who. Year replacing part owner He's, part owner. And, spirit king Zachary and then. And then Christian boy Catholic boy. Catholic. Boy yeah you're picking the Tri factor that's the WG y. weekend trifecta okay and that's. Going to, be what you're going to go. To Oteibi my way home are you, know, Jim. Gave me everything I needed he told. You how to go into? Oh you, so you open the or you're walking what do. You do next you say fifty. Cent trifecta box or keep it for years you. Can't walk in the door, you've, got to scream at you Lord of the cashier but other. People are going to be looking. At you going a newbie yeah No you're not irregularly right so be careful are, whether you're a new I'm gonna strut though 'cause I know I'm a. Winner I own, the place with my fifty cents bet so. You, betting fifty cents I. I think you have to pay more than fifty cents but you call it a. Fifty, cents bet okay so. We're doing box so you're basically. Playing the. Three horses. Every which way they could possibly come in. Oh, that's what you doing. Jim told you all about that he did, I'm ready I think. Jim's pitcher hangs it on TV They I'd. Like to. Sit in gym Gaffey hardest faces a wing So you're going to struggle so? They, won't you're a newbie of you've not gain some big sunglasses, yeah those overshoes what She knows? What, she's doing. Okay I haven't been. Since I was fourteen years. Old I went with my. Mom Yeah. Horse win that day I won like twenty three. Dollars for her that day The last. Time I picked the winning. The last. Time you went to ODU one that's right. You're going strutting their today that's right you. Got a box of fifty, cents? Bet I don't even know what all, that means you could win either way right I don't, have to all come in but they, can come in any order? In. Any. Order but they gotta be the top three. Those three that I pick Yep okay. All right also? Thinks it's a good. Selection he may also place that bad? Today are you serious. That's, what he said so. What are you saying about tenfold he's not gonna win Not in my pick so just tenfold? Gets ignored by Alicia The only other horse yeah That. I. Would be okay with okay would be gronkowski for gronk the Dan for the because the owner is a local or is it the? Trainer hose. At the chat all okay I think gronkowski. Owns part of. That horse the. Football player I. Don't know I don't know. I meant I. Don't know maybe they named I think he's probably the only other horse that. Would be acceptable to me do you ever look at the jockeys because some jockeys are better off, have better, more well known so wonder good. New is. Going to be let's see, it's going to be I I can't read. Them I, rod Ortiz, junior okay okay yeah Chad Brown. Is the. Trainer of gronkowski's here right, here the jockey on King Zachary is. Robbie. Alvarado, ooh okay Dale Romans. Is the honor and. Then our trainer than Catholic, boy Javier Castellano, that. Name. Yes. Yeah. Jonathan Thomas the trainer so altogether ten horse another eleven. But once okay All right. I feel good about. This The female didn't scratch just one of the, male. Typical males, on how to behave. Really so anyway that'll, be on, today we'll find out tomorrow then we'll we'll see how we did you. Hear everything's starting at?.

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