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Warm Wednesday, say warm Wednesday because the thirties were sitting outside right now are going to feel downright tropical compared to what's on the way. Have you heard the forecast? G. Tom Skilling joined the show yesterday, as he does every Tuesday told us the high of six Super Bowl Sunday Six degrees, guys ready for that? Super Bowl ads being released. Have you seen any any any good ones out there that Shiva the hit your radar I'm looking at. We did play the Wayne's world one. Wayne and Garth from there. Aurora basement, reprising that role. We played it earlier this week. We will try to play that again. As we break down some of the Super Bowl ads. That one's my favorite so far. Um But there are a few others. We want to talk about new tone. Maybe this year for a lot of Super Bowl ads. Kind of. Ah, you know, strange year, some most deciding to sit out. Some of the big advertisers are scaling back. Their ads or pulling out all together, You know, they want to entertain you. They want you to taste you to buy their product and also don't want appear tone deaf when they do it about what The times are that we're living in. So we're gonna talk with us. CNBC reporter covers marketing and advertising about the best ads and kind of the approach to Ed's. We'll play some of them, too, for you, because, as you know, they always release a lot of them before the big game. Will Ferrell's won. A lot of people are talking about today. He's got a great one out. Very funny ad about electric cars, So we're gonna play. Some of that coming up for you also got a list here. 26 Super Bowl halftime shows ranked worst to first. Any stand out in your mind there that anything. Remember wants to first last year's was great. I mean, Jennifer Lopez did a great one last year. Isn't it funny? Think about that. That's one year ago. And remember how that stirred everybody up. It got people angry about maybe was too racy. Yeah, it was like the defenders. And then she brought her daughter out. I wasn't real thrilled about that one like that part. Yeah. Why am I having blanks on all of these now, All this was a stripper pole to think that people said Wait a minute, Jeff. Death. And people don't like that. Well done. Oh, wait. Yeah, that was I ke. I always remember the Janet Jackson Jackson malfunction. Everybody remembers that one. The male function theme nudity that not intending. Mm. Something occurred, that's actually the worst one function. That's right. The more Jerome malfunction that that entered the vernacular after that whole thing that happened the worst on the list actually is related to that Justin Timberlake coming back 14 years later after that whole Debacle. Um, and he's Hey. Didn't people are upset because he didn't bring Janet Jackson on as I recall. That was one of the party. You know the things that he got to redo, but she didn't. We haven't heard much from her lately at all. It seemed like it. No great performer. Maroon five 25th on the list. I'm gonna agree with that. Yeah, that was bad where they lived, thinking. I don't know. A lot of the lip sinking ones are really bad. Katy Perry and her rogue shark is on the list. 18 worst. Dancing shark. Remember the kind of went rogue? I'm not a big Katy Perry fan. Yeah. Yeah, she's she's up there. Uh, let's see. He's mentioned Janet Jackson. Then we get to the top of the list. Moving forward. Some of these. I don't remember boys to men. Remember that 1 1998 Bruce Springsteen is Number nine, The top 10. He breaks the top 10, Gloria Stefan and Stevie Wonder, Number seven. Diana Ross, number six Donna, there was that Which one Diana Ross 1996. Okay, so it goes back a bit, but she's She's their helicopter landed on the field. Yeah, she was escorted onto the helicopter. I don't remember this one floor hanging on the outside of the helicopter. Diana Ross. Madonna number four on the list. Beyonce a number three. And then you go up to jail. And Shakira, number two. They get the number two spot on this particular lists. As you pointed out, one that you remember. And you like Prince is the number one spot. Oh, yeah, For sure, Right. He's number one all the time for May on Lee Super Bowl I was ever present. That and you feel when I ever got a chance to go to a course that was the monsoon one with all the Bears fans, their reign was the least of our problems. But that was the prince halftime show made it worth the trip. I'll tell you that was just spectacular. Bill Ryan took on a whole new meaning did What a day. What a what a day. All right. Hey, coming up on the show here a couple things I want to get to hear all them and Tom Tom Tunney is going to join the show. 44th word Alderman. He and Michelle Smith Autumn Smith, who joined us yesterday that big meeting last night, but Carjackings in their wards, they said, This is pretty startling. One of the things revealed in that meeting. I saw some of it. Carjackings up 500% in their two wars 500% those air North side wards that stretch from like Lincoln Park to Andersonville. All along that Part of the city. And while they were holding their meeting a stone's throw away, a man was carjacked while shoveling his car out of the snow. Kind of remarkable thing is they talk about the road forward. Let's see what they talked about. Let's see what the ideas are. As we try toe move out of Five Carjackings a day is what the city seeing right now on track for 1800 by the end of the year. Pretty incredible stuff. Hey, with so many Carjackings, there's a group of Chicago and don't know if you've heard about this. They have set up a Facebook page to help you find your car after it's been stolen. And the group is huge success recovering. I'm looking here. Black Club Chicago. I followed them before, but now they're up to 200 cars that they have recovered in the last two months from Chicago and surrounding areas. So that's part of what people are resorting to do after these Carjackings are kind of well out of hand. Right Sergeant. He joins the show, discuss what went wrong with that FBI raid two officers killed while executing a search warrant. It was in Florida. They were trying to apprehend an alleged child abuser. Now we learn now it's revealed that he watched them. The alleged child abuser, watched them through his ring doorbell camera as they approach was totally ready for him. Here in Chicago. The way search warrants are conducted is under serious review, as more problems are brought to light that wrong House raid that horrific situation with engine that young That that happened. Remember that the inspector general is saying there need to be immediate reforms. We need to do better, and there's some things that need to be changed immediately. We'll talk about that. But also what that brought to light that federal raid police officers will tell you that executing a search warrant is one of the most dangerous things any officer can never be called to do. So why do them? Sergeant. People talk about that He'll talk about the y part of it and when they still are appropriate, I think that's important to talk about. He agrees with a lot of the changes. I know they're being suggested by the I G and we'll ask him about That, too. He has suggested some of them before on this show in Justin in general, the things that he's seen all along that need to be changed. This is big. Coming up are two o'clock hour. Got a secretary of State issue You need a driver's license. Updated You got an expired one. They've changed the deadline. It's no longer February 1st, which means it would have been out of date. Couple days ago. They moved it to June. But lots of other stuff and the damn visa open The lines. I'm hearing are still pretty long and most locations But today, our friend Henry help from the Secretary of state. Jesse White's office will join us again. He has helped so many of our listeners he takes the time..

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