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This is what cooked you. I'm Broccoli and thanks for listening on this. I talked to Laura. WEYMOUTH was there's a new book from Harvard Teen Coming. Out on September the tenth entitled Treason of Thorns and this so I talked to Laura about what this book about her First Book Delay Between Worlds and kind of her influences and world building so listen it so Laura what book hooked you so the very first I book that helps me is a different odd one when I was probably four or five years old because I was one of those bizarre precocious children my mom in an effort to just feed my veracious appetite for books took out the complete unabridged Swiss family Robinson Robinson from the library and read me the entire thing and it's basically just a glorified instruction manual and I absolutely loved it and it was a hey. It's still one of my favorite books. It's got plenty of problems when viewed from a modern standpoint but I absolutely loved listening to my mom read. It was one of the first books that I read on my own strangely enough once I learned how to read and then on I think my ninth birthday I got a beautiful hardcover edition of my the owner of this book and it is still my most favorite volume of anything that I own and like my most treasured book because for some reason I've just always loved this ridiculous story about with this just kind of insufferable colonial family living on this deserted island populated with just this biologically biologically improbable spectrum of animals and living this idyllic life in the middle of nowhere it is I think meant to read need realistically but actually comes off. Rather strongly is fantasy so I think that's what drew me to it in the first place. That's that's great and I don't think I've ever read the book I used to love the live Action Disney movie that old movie that they made back in the day yes. I think there's a lot more more actual conflict in the movie adaptation than there is in the book itself which like I said it's kind of just an instruction manual like there's Instructions on how to build bridges make dishes out of gourds and really almost no plot whatsoever and I just loved and still love that book and so from this from this book and this story just kind of the depth and the passion you had for it like what books for maybe this point then where you really sort of drawn ron to the most while you may have read widely. What were the ones that really were the most beloved by you. I think that that that book really as already touched on by saying that it was meant to read as realistic but came across is fantasy is what sparked my love for fantasy is a genre because that it has kind of been a defining feature of my experience as a reader and a writer even from a young age is that I went from that book to loving the chronicles of Narnia loving the Red Wall books looks loving the Lord of the Rings Loving Madeline lanes books so it was really just the foundation for a lifelong love of fantasy novels and then at what point was it at the same time that you were also creating your own stories. Yes my Berry. I finished story that I wrote was a short fiction. In third grade called nights lament and it was about a knight named Sir Paddington who goes off on a noble quest I and gets fatally wounded in the course of this question then on his deathbed laments how he wished he'd never become a night at all and that he settled down married his childhood aalto. Sweetheart Ellen and lived a quiet life. I've really just kind of continued on in that vein of writing bittersweet classic fantasy and so even as you can have moved into your teenage years that usually time where life gets a little bit busier was I was reading those still as important for you and or did it change in some way if anything I read and wrote fantasy even more in that it was an outlet and a way of escaping from just the troubled world that we live in and I really really enjoyed that aspect of it of just getting to go somewhere else where conflict resolution is still difficult but a lot of time more clear cut and more black and white so that's something that always drew me to reading fantasy and to writing it as well and was the always the dream that bs stories this writing would sometime at some point be published or we just kind of doing it for yourself. I was definitely doing it for myself and I've told the story before on twitter but what I really never considered publication even as gold I could pursue because I didn't know any writers and it didn't seem like something achievable to me until my tenth grade English class when we had a supply teacher for a month who was the very weathered grey kind of stately looking the older gentleman named Mr Stapley handed in a creative writing assignment to him and he graded it and gave it back to me and when he handed back looked in the eyes and he said in in prophetic tones Laura. If you are not published someday I missed my mark and that was the first time anyone had even suggested to me that it was something that I could do and it's just stood out in my mind ever since that moment and that was really when it first occurred to me. Oh this is something that I could pursue could pursue seeing my work in print as a goal that's great and so with that kind of elbowing will say did is that sort of what you're set in your sights on and like after high school was sort of your aim to be an author it was actually my name initially the to finish up a degree in medieval and Renaissance Studies and become a professor but then I had a quarter life crisis I dropped out of college and and I got married and had children very soon after I got married and when my oldest daughter was six months old it occurred to me that it would be very very easy to lose myself and my passions and who I am in the kind of all consuming role of motherhood and so I decided that since I had this beautiful wonderful little daughter who I wanted to serve as a role model for that I was going to be very purposeful in channeling at least some of my energy into my own MM pursuits in my own passions so that she would grow up seeing that I was my own person who had things that I wanted to achieve interests that I wanted to pursue Assu and so that's when I started writing again this time quite seriously and with the intent of Korean my work going after that goal of publication and I would imagine you it was it was obviously rooted in fantasy these early stories these early attempts. Did you a have authors at that time that you could say really inspired your writing in your storytelling. I I would say that might writing mice storytelling have always been I would say to a great degree inspired by Madeleine title angle for one rely. She's a defoe author to say that about but the way she integrates more realistic settings with fantasy the the way she incorporates poetry and her work just kind of the the humility of some of her characters something that I've always really aspired to achieve in my own work and she writes very practically about about quite relevant things I think of her book a ring of endless light which was enormously important to me as a teenager and it's about a young woman's first experiences variances with grief for first experiences with what we would now think of this depression. I those are the sorts of stories I've always striven to right and and so how many attempts at creating these stories and sending it out did it take before you got to your debut the light between world. I wrote a lot before actually querying I'd written consistently throughout. My teens probably wrote you know five hundred thousand words abandoned pro is as a teenager. I wrote one completed novel. My first completed start to finish absolutely done novel at the age of Nineteen and that's my drawer book that lives in a drawer and it will never come out. Nobody gets to see it and then after my daughter Maggie was born went ahead that a pithy of wanting to write seriously for the goal of publication I wrote wrote one novel which I queried for about a year and a half never got anywhere with and while I was clearing that towards the end of the clearing process success I wrote another book which became my debut the light between worlds and I drafted that in about four months queried it for a total of two weeks and that's the they got me an offer of represent several offers representation so now your new book comes up on September the tenth a treason of thorns and so it start talking about that and what is this book about a treason of Thorns is essentially the love child of beauty and the beast in Downton Abbey wherein a young noblewoman dwell dispossessed daughter of a nobleman who is charged with treason violet sterling returns to her our Family Home Burley House which is important in fact ascension and living entity in its own right. It's one of the five great houses of England which which are living magical beings and which oversee the good and the wellbeing of all of the English countryside and violent discovers covers that her ancestral family home Burley House is in point of fact slowly dying and it's going to be up to her to figure out how to save it and how to balance wants the wellbeing of Burleigh House with the good of the countryside which is obviously suffering as Burley sufferers and what was that initial thing uh that kind of got you started writing that the initial idea there were few things up weirdly. A lot of my ideas seem to be born on twitter probably because I spent way too much time on twitter but there's a bought on twitter which is sort of a magical religion bought in its tweets about an English country garden. Pardon that's you know but spooky and haunted and I read one of the tweets and wrote a micro fiction based on it and one of my critique partners just loved it and desperately wanted me to write a a larger version of this micro fiction so she passed her knee about that for a while and then during the same time period I read an article about highclere castle which is the Prince of Wales House in England. Just this beautiful building and one of its facades just looks like it has so much personality to it and so those two things coupled with the fact that I was also re watching Downton Abbey kind of congealed and coagulated into this idea in my head of a book in which this Manor House was itself a character and central to the plot of the book and one of the things I thought was really interesting. When I saw that you were coming out with a different book is that this second book is a sequel to the first I and a Lotta times when I've seen you know debut authors. They have these big fantasy novels. The second one is always kind of a sequel so there for the headache and all the the pressure that comes with a second book. They're still living in the same world for you. You had to create a whole Second World for the second book so what was that like as a as a sophomore release it was I think fairly similar to the experience of creating the world of the light between worlds because they are both historical fantasies so while a treason of thorns is set in a different time periods in fact alternate history history English worlds so you know I got to research the countryside and figure out how the magic system was going to play into England's history and Dan you know all those things just sort of figuring out where things overlap but I really appreciate the challenge of writing a standalone novel and of trying to encapsulate your world world in your story in a shorter form than a lot of fantasy readers are used to and I actually really liked to read standalone fantasies as well because I just you know where I've got young kids. It's hard sometimes for me to remember what's happening from one book to another and so when you're creating these worlds how much do you as the writer wants to know about the INS and outs the magic the rules all of that it before you kind of dive in..

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