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At the West Palm Beach, Florida home of Michael dolce, they say they found him in bed with a laptop looking at explicit images of young girls. According to court documents, they found around 2000 pictures and 5 videos on that laptop. Most were downloaded from torrent sites. Dolce lived in Florida, but he also represented local families during a recent lawsuit against the Washington Hebrew congregation preschool where there were allegations at a male teacher sexually abused at least 8 children for years dolce has been an advocate for sexual abuse victims and specialized in representing them in civil cases. Luke Luger WTO. WTO has reached out to dolce's lawyer for comment. D.C. police searching for a two year old boy who they say was kidnapped by his father two year old K Andre Smith was last seen on Chesapeake street in southeast around midnight, police say his father Alvin young took him. He is said to be driving a black Chevy Tahoe with unknown paper tags, the car does have side and rear end damage, police described the boy as black, three feet tall, weighing 30 pounds, he has brown hair and brown eyes. Last wearing a blue and white shirt, blue jeans and a pair of black shoes. Anyone with information is being asked to contact D.C. police. The first great Virginia teacher, who was shot and seriously wounded by a 6 year old student, has officially filed a lawsuit against the Newport new school system. Abby's Warner is seeking $40 million in damages. He was shot in the hand and chest in January, as she sat at a reading table in her classroom. The lawsuit accuses school administrators of gross negligence for allegedly ignoring multiple warnings on the day of the shooting that the boy had a gun and was in a violent mood. The Newport News school board and its members didn't immediately respond to requests for comment on that lawsuit. Finding a parking space on a

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