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A moderate and former federal prosecutor and republican rexecode an ardent conservative in member of the pennsylvania house the gop isn't taking the race for granted this past weekend trump held a rally for sokoto to try to boost the candidate the republican has taken fire for running a campaign that some say lacks the energy and discipline on lamb side for the gop defeat here what some called trump country could foreshadow broader losses in the upcoming midterm elections national republican groups has spent millions on the race in there hoping trump's visit will motivate enough voters to turn out for sokoto for npr news i'm only herring in pittsburgh north korean state media have been silent on the potential summits with the us and south korea npr's he leaves he reports south korea suspects this was because pyongyang is being cautious north korean state media haven't covered kim germans invitation to meet us president donald trump the tightly controlled state information arms did note a visit to pyongyang by south korean on voice last week during which south korea says kim invited south korean president moon jae in and us president trump for facetoface meetings further the foreign ministry in seoul says it has received no official response from the north about the usnorth korea summit trump last week agreed to a meeting with kim jong un by may the two koreas meanwhile will hold a summit at the interkorean border in april elite few npr news soul a plane has crashed at the airport in nepal capital kathmandu at least thirty eight people have been killed and several others injured about seventy people were aboard the plane you're listening to npr news from kqed news good morning i'm brian watt the treatment facility in napa county where an army veteran killed three people and himself on friday has been shut down indefinitely the pathway home is where albert wong killed executive director christine lober clinical director jennifer golik and jennifer gonzalez a clinical cycle colleges with the veteran's affairs healthcare system who was seven months pregnant over the weekend yacht bill maher john dunbar said lo lober often stayed overnight.

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