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He was the first guy he claims he claims this and i love him to death and i'm actually willing to believe this because he's pretty bright but he claims he was the first guy to like take but you know didn't have computers back then so a sketch of a car and like draw on a sponsor's logo in a marketing deck you know the thing that the renderings that hap commonplace now he was the reddish guy to just take like a a psych profile sketch you know like like only can architectural drawing an indycar and put a company's logo on the side body like this could be you you know that's cool yeah so he was the head of his time as a graphic artist exactly if he'd stuck to that you know and avi lager wow yeah well good for him so this is kind of a difficult question to ask james but was like we was jim the first person to say like i think you're cool like i think people are gonna like you because you've got obviously this really cool charming affable personality and i think that is what makes you such a popular driver in star but i was wondering this like like who's the person who tells you this is what i mean you probably would've gravitated toward anyway but who was he the guy who said look i'm looking at you and i can see things that you qualities you have and possess the people are really going to glum onto this is what you should be doing because you're cool i don't think he ever called me cool came out of his mouth and rightly so but i think the big thing was just you know it was the appreciation of needing to stand out off track the the way he described it to me was there are a lot of guys that can drive a race car quickly k that's no longer a unique ability and and.

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