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About the this. This new challenge doctors warning teenagers not to participate in the shell on challenge. That is eating foods with with the shell on it to the the outer portion on it. Banana skin of for Pete's sake. Shells. Ios walnut. Brazil nuts. Oh, kill me to talk about. Something know what you're talking about. Of course. Yeah. Oh, yes. Kill me. Now it is now. Eight forty one on Orlando's morning news. I'm Marsha Taylor. And recap Yudo will central Florida home foreclosures were up for the first quarter of this year compared to the first three months of twenty eight teen home for closures in orange Osceola Seminole and lake counties grew by sixty percent during the first quarter of this year lenders for closed on more than two thousand homes that's up from twelve hundred eighty during the same period last year nationally foreclosures dropped by fifteen percent year over year. Darrell Moody, News ninety six point five WDBO, topeka's employees recovering this morning after an attack by a rare male Sumatran tiger. Here's reporter, Kathy parks, trainer suffered injuries to back, neck and arm, and is now recovering post-surgery. We're told that she entered the Tigers exist. Which is part of normal housekeeping when send g attacked now zoo director Brennan Wiley says all of his staff the training that he does with Steph paid off after ten minutes after the attack began the tiger was back in a secure location. The staffer was getting medical treatment ten minutes. Ten minutes a long time to be attacked by a tiger does. And they said she had a lot of stop soft tissue damage to the back of her head the back of her neck her.

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