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And then as part of prime day they did a deal where they bundled this with an Amazon echo dot for one twenty five. Now, as of this moment that deal will be gone. So but not friend day today is not prime day, but it's pretty sweet, I think. So here's why I'm excited Kevin is rightly excited about the price, but I'm excited because it's going to have what's called the cooking in time controllers with Madame. So consumers will be able to speak directly to her without using GE's appliances skill. So this is basically native support for cooking in time controllers that Amazon has now added. So you no longer have to say Madam a ask Geneva to start the microwave. You can just say Madam as start the microwave. So this is huge. Cree it signals one, the creation of a new type of native skill for Madame into is signals that GE recognizes that asking Geneva for stuff is sucky. Well, now I wonder, I wonder how many other partnerships will come about. Once people start enjoying the fact that they don't have to name the skill in their command will. So that's what I'm like. It will this be exclusive to GE 'cause that's an interesting revenue opportunity for Amazon or does this just become everyone else can use it? So that's question. Number one in survey number two is that delta faucet is working on an Amazon integration for faucets, which means you'd have native support for turning your water faucet on. We talked about that last week with our guest. So I have a lot of hope in my heart that Amazon is trying so hard to become this standards layer for smart home and the smart kitchen. Yeah, indeed. I mean, if they can come up with standards that will eventually, let's say, have met him a work with all Madam. Abled voice services not have skill for it at all. Just have a API layer that will work with different brands and so on behind the scenes that could be big. So not only is the microwave cool, but how you talk to it is worth noting as well. Speaking of the echo, Kevin, do you want to upgrade your echo? I do not. However, that is a question. We commonly hear from friends, colleagues and countrymen and women around the world, and I feel like we should give special shout out to our free. Should he's in your backyard there because he's in Washington state are bothering the crow right now? Yeah, probably Mr Chris Albrecht who has we worked with him in the past to kick home, and I know he's doing some podcasting workless days as well. It hasn't been for a while, but every once in a while, Mr. Albrecht with ping us and say, Kevin, Stacey, should I get a new echo is a time to upgrade my echo. Is there a new echo coming out? Should I can echo now? How about now? So yes, a making fun of Chris, but it's actually. Valid question and RAI Krista over at seen. It poses that question in an article that we both looked at before the show. I don't know. I mean, rhyme makes some good points. I mean, you have to understand if you're going to buy a new echo, then you are committing further to being in the Amazon ecosystem, and that's fine. That's totally okay. It's good ecosystem right now without a doubt. You and I are both happy and it as are many other people. However, I like flexibility and I'm glad ri- pointed this out. That's why I was kinda hot on the Sonos one because it came with Madame a out of the box, but is also getting Google assistant at some point this year. That's the plan. It did recently get airplay to as well for controlling music through your Iowa surveys by voice with Siri, but so I'm not interested in upgrading my echo. I still have an original one and many dots, and I'm fine, but them I don't see the need. Even the new one with the hub is just lacking some radios for me. So again, no, thank you. Yes. And now would you recommend they buy the Sonos? One is oppose. To the echo if you have nothing, if you have nothing. I would say yes, because you're not locked in to one platform. If you wanna be on the Madame as Amazon platform, you can do that today. If you decide I might get some things that might work better with Ghulam products than that gives you an out..

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