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Expert Dan Billingsley and howto Laurier Energy bills Keep your A C system running efficiently. Saturdays at eight only on NewsRadio. W F L A V A. It's Time for your TV TiVo on Sunday TV's original hard newsmagazine 60 Minutes, reset the clock for its record breaking 53rd season at 7 36 30 Central CBS. Also one Sunday. The statues come out for TV's Big Night The 72nd annual Emmy Awards hosted by Jimmy Kimmel. Find out which of your favorite shows bring home the gold Starting at 87 Central on ABC Monday. The crime drama La's Finest makes the move to broadcast TV, followed by Kim Control and Gerald McRaney, starring in the soap opera satire, Filthy Rich. The pair starts at 87 Central on Fox. Also on Monday that your crime anthology manhunt brings its second season which follows the investigation of the 1996 Olympic Park bombing to CBS. A 10 9 Central, and that's your TV tip off on I Heart radio way. Have a serious traffic situation. The kind that could screw up your entire day. Don't let it happen. This traffic report is moments away on news radio. Tell you F L A With everything that has happened, You may be asking yourself. Can I afford to retire early? You're not alone from teachers to doctors, airline workers in a variety of other industries. Many of us are wondering the same thing. It's a tough question to answer right now. But there is.

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