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Less i mean that like cradles now daddy trying to people off not child go over here while i read this news faceoff cover your hereabouts yeah that has a lot to do with it right yeah i guess a kid couldn't win this like something well i could but child kill him sir i mean he didn't want to kill that deer but but then he got really excited and shot him and then cradles like yo you got finished what you started true but she really traveled with it too that bitch little exactly look at this woman called lara croft she's okay too all right i've been talking for a long time we downloaded fortnight on mobile and only played one match how much have you been playing one match playing a lot of fortnight government play a fortnight at this point mobile actually feels really good it's one of those weird things where it has the old mobile issues that most mobile games have where it's like i'm using virtual sticks and that's really difficult and i don't know if i have enough screen screen real estate to be able to do exactly what i want but that being said i game i got in i got like third place in match place in my first game i shot that red shirt on just got hurt but it was it felt good in a weird way where it was the first guy was like what did you map to what how did you move the mechanics from the usual places that you've had it to this mobile device and they did really smart things like double tap kind of move your character and have auto run in the she sheet shooting still weird i'm doing saying it's challenging because your finger takes up so much state on the screen when you're trying to aim in a game that's like to be quick draw like it's i struggled with it the reason i was able to do so well and the game get so high it was i just like hid.

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