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Another source of suggested over watch two is indeed in development at blizzard of parents reported stated that several sequels to major eye peas are involved in a blizzard including Diablo for an over watch to follow things confirmed officially it's now the second source to give us that piece of information which makes me start to wonder I am I don't understand the move here I do not understand the move here the apple for I guess that's makes sense long overdue right three in over watch to look I don't think the. the graphics much better why do you want done entirely second game the balance is so confusing what we need more than just links and confirmations that it's happening right you wanna leaks on the confirm something it was little bit more what this is supposed to be because if they plan on bringing us what we know is over watch but. yeah there's no there's nothing there's nothing are you shooting yourself in the foot if you want to spend something off if you want or some other type of game play focused on war single player whatever. the discussion maybe just expansion I understand there's a. I mean I know I. maybe that's. it's all stupid there's no reason to do any of. on the notable the game's world Warcraft classic continues to pull down insane numbers on Twitter and over three hundred thousand people tuned in to watch the first player hit level sixty that player joker level and no made for level sixty in three days twenty hours and forty minutes. victory for America. listen I. do not understand why so many people are fascinated to watch this play out again right we already saw once in real time not getting like the what the super slow mo replay I don't. really listen out at three hundred thousand that's great this is this this doesn't make sense is doesn't seem like a long term viable thing at all no no. look out world first no you did in your world. all right yeah because a seven is shifting away from the beat em up genre where it's heading is what's making noise yeah because a seven is apparently going to introduce. based elements because apparently it's two thousand I don't understand the source on a five I don't know. when you look at at the lake through the the the artistic direction of in the way that it's set up it screens. America's Yonkers is a second bring like I guess and you get that connection I listen. it over to atlas at that point I agree with you I don't necessarily think that you know yeah because it needs to be turn based I mean Hey you trust. my question was it functioning. as the green the. looking for why they're making the change the developer said that they want to try something new that's it I've dealt with this one final fantasy fifteen happened I set it down and I'm gonna say it now. one is tight when you would have to change the genre yeah. for a new franchise. the telltale name and some of the property that go with that have been bought by two men who previously had nothing to do with telltale Jamie Ali has background in mortal licensing development and right wall worked as an outsourcing company called virtuous and the physics software maker having the parent now heading up into the studio although I guess it's kind of tell tale in name only. I don't I don't really know what I don't understand why these guys think they have some kind of you know like claim to the tail fell lineage well because they wrote the check back. to date the only I can use right this is sort of like what we just talked about. yeah I don't think that you're bringing anything to the table in terms of like cachet yeah they are because of there are certain people who are going to buy whatever they put out next simply because it's a test of the telltale name I know that there will be some who will fall from NASA now. to it yeah I'm not. he is but they'll make some money simply off his name..

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