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To those appointments. The community organizations will work to distribute codes that people in their communities can use when they get the emails, allowing them to get the rights for free. Beauty in sports. Here's Kevin Powell. Thank you, Lauren. The black cocks are going for 1/4 win in five games. They visit the Stars tonight, second of back to back in Dallas and Hawks head coach Jeremy Carlson says he likes the way his team started in Sunday's win against Dallas. Especially on the road. You get into trouble when you're when you're trying to box over on your half the rink So we want to do that pocket head and playing the offensive zone as much as we can call it in, says that the defenseman Adam Beau quiz did test positive for cocaine 19. He's off the covert list, but we'll need some time to get in game shape. Pregame at seven With Chris Boden here on WGN face off at 7 30, With John Weidman and Troy Murray some good news for CPS High school sports they could begin on Thursday. That includes basketball, but teams must practice for seven days before they can play. So the CPS hoops season begins sometime next week. Cubs White Sox in all of baseball, said to begin spring training next week and Major League Baseball and the Players Association agreeing on health and safety protocols and on field adjustments for the regular season. Besides extending last year's experimental use of seven inning double headers And runners on second base at the start of extra innings. The National League will not have the designated hitter during spring training players on field staff and non playing personnel who require access to team ballparks must wear Elektronik tracing devices. The start of spring training or face discipline for violations. Big 10 officials deciding to move next month's men's basketball tournament from Chicago to Indianapolis that runs March 10th through the 14th and Northwestern is scheduled to play again. At Wrigley Field this time against Purdue on November 20th last year's game against Wisconsin was supposed to be played a Wrigley, but that was scrapped to do due to the pandemic. I'm Kevin Powell, WGN.

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