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Matic. Itwas ridiculously busy. I actually put off a workout. I thought it was gonna have time to ride the bike like I normally do on Mondays, and I was so busy answering phone calls. And making phone calls and then responding to emails and trying to get set these next two weeks are they're pretty jammed full in sports as we ramp up to the NFL draft. Of course, that's a week from Thursday. But then just seeing what's happening in the N B a in the NHL, realizing we're only a handful of weeks away from the start of the playoffs, the normally we'd be in the playoffs at this time of the year, but because they've been pushed back because the start of both Hoops and hockey were pushed back. The playoffs are pushed accordingly. And yet, here we are in the space where normally it's nut, so right and we have a chance to kind of catch up after March Madness after the Masters, Of course, everything that's happened in the NFL since the start of the new league here. It's It's interesting. It's different. I'm having. AH wouldn't say trouble, but I'm having to adjust my brain a little bit in my sports calendar, but MAN T to be able to see what's playing out on the court in the ice. It's pretty phenomenal, and there are some good races Division races playoff races that will carry us through this next month. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio, We're live from the Rocket Mortgage studios. When you need an expert to help navigate the home loan process, rocket can step off a screen right sideline fades and fired. He got another one.

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