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Need new october is national boeing prevention monkey this global campaign was founded two thousand six and in unites communities around the world tajikistan raise awareness of boeing prevention and how to keep could save at school online and in the community torn more about this international movements ivs director of social impact annabi solvent sat down with jane clementi jane son tyler was the victim of a horrible act of sabra bullying at rutgers university in two thousand ten at the age of eighteen power took his own life several days after the experience his death brought national attention to the issue cyberbullying in there has been facing lgbt youth in the wake of towers passing gene cofounded the tower common condition which is on a mission to him online at all fine bowling the foundation also sheds light on the important distinction between inperson bullying and cyber boeing in this conversation gene talks about her inspiration to share tower story y buoying exist in how to teach our youth to navigate the conflict world of sabra boeing in the age of social media pleased anjar conversational gene clementi gene thank you so much for joining the ivy podcast what inspired you to start the tyler clementi foundation and shared tyler story email it was not something she naturally in the way of his passing for whatever reasons had histoy drove or ernie is star on sadly there were many other young people that pass in time for were rematch same reasons and for whatever reason tyler story did create a great deal media change and it was at that point i was very now he dead inside that i do not on jumped to share him with the outlook but as time grassed i could see that he story in the headlines did create a lot of attention any energy create conversation and i think he helped move the conversation towards reset and towards equality and i do believe it had had a positive impact mice seeing that positive impact it has allowed me to want to share him a little bit warmer with with within one year it this guy but i wanna share him and share his story because i want those conversations something the ads really face cdc defines bowling as any unwanted aggressive behaviour among youth involving a power imbalance do you agree with.

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