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You didn't want he wanted. That's what you call it a clean gun one without any ballistics with the police very seldom. Does anybody keep a gun. After they kill somebody as a rule you would be in contact with that kind of person anyhow. That guy's goof or an idiot question. Where'd you get rid of a gun all the river. The lake a query many places though the man when you're driving over a bridge getting rid of a weapon is no problem at all. You have to wonder how commodity got turned now the fbi use demon for their purposes but they also used him. That was a state case that we talked about for that represents state murder case has how they got found not guilty. Then cook county now The illinois crime committed commission and some of their people got him to furnish intelligence information. During this time he also worked with a james reese'll who was an agent with the federal bureau of narcotics and dangerous drugs which became. Da eventually gremaldi said later that his brother had been drug addict and always been informed on people who were doing drugs. Some of the people at that really persuaded him to come in early on were illinois bureau. Investigation agents gerald lewis. Douse key and thomas jury. They had been chicago policeman before the joined the ibi. They got him to testify about them at the murder. Trial of dista- final and Letter tony's bilateral greg him grant of immunity because he was actually part of the people that killed legal former newspaper reporter notes that interviewing him whenever commodity talk about we. It was interesting. He would talk about him. And lou danske and thomas jury the i b i agents. Commodity would say that for the first time in his life. He's speaking kind of warmly about these. Two police officers was there. They're the ones that that guarded him during the time and stayed by side while ever Testifying against Sam destefano the newspaper reporter asked him about his relationship with his policemen question. Did you know that people like these men existed. Answer only books. There's no way you can visualize straight placement in chicago until you actually go in and meet some of them question from the outside. You thought. A lot of them were crooked answer. The biggest part of them yes question and then what did you find out answer. Well there were an awful lot of good ones straight ones that i b. I is fantastic. They've got good young devoted guys. Who spent a lotta time free time devote their own time. Don't get paid overtime. It's greatest thing. They leave their wives. Leave their families to be out in the street doing jobs and to me. It's just a rare dec- devotion to a job. It's a new organization. I think at sometimes i think sometimes it'll be the best thing that's happened in illinois.

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