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Had a five hundred bit computer that lodge five hundred cubic computer would be able to do amazing things Lawrence gasping. Thank you so much for being with us founder and president of inside at quantum technology based in Charlottesville Virginia got that got him down. I'm sorry, you're distracted. You were just doing a little quantum computing over there, Lisa Abramowicz, along with my co-host and colleague, Paul Sweeney. This is Bloomberg. This is a Bloomberg market minute. Stocks are higher is better than expected economic data signalled a positive start to the year for the US then little pressure on the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates. Billionaire investor Nelson peltz is getting into the marijuana business. He'll be joining Aurora cannabis as the strategic advisor the company says pelts will advise on potential partnerships with leading corporations he's receiving stock options that could make him the company's second largest shareholder. Uber is ramping up for what could be one of the five biggest IPO's ever in. The us. Bloomberg has learned that the ride hailing service has added several banks to its list of underwriters among them Bank of America. Barclays CitiGroup and Allen and company and United Healthcare is expanding a program that passes rebates from drug makers directly to the people that use their medications beginning next year, all new employer. Sponsored health plan customers they use United Healthcare must give discounts and get to consumers at the point of sale. Fail. According to the hope Bloomberg radio. Right now Doctors Without Borders medical teams are operating in some of the most remote and dangerous corners of the world when front yards become.

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